13 October 2011

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chef Spouse and I will finally be home to watch the games this weekend! However, we do need a solid headcount for Sunday because we will just be getting home from Seattle, so if you're planning to come, we need to know by text, email, or call NO LATER than Saturday, October 15.

On to the schedule:

1 pm: Eagles/Redskins (of course) - second game will be Bills/Giants

4 pm: Pats/Cowboys - second game either Texans/Ravens or Saints/Bucs (we'll take a vote)

SNF: Bears/Vikings (aka, "Everyone gets to go to bed early!")

MNF: Dolphins/Jets (aka, "Everyone gets to go to bed early again!")

Menu: since we'll have just gotten home, we're going to get some kind of takeout. Chef Spouse is thinking that we'll try Inspire BBQ, which recently opened in our neighborhood and is supposed to be quite good. And unlike all the OTHER BBQ joints in our 'hood, it's actually open on Sundays.

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shoegal said...

I will be there but leaving after the Iggles game