02 September 2011

Fresh-n-Tasty: Get Your Picks Here!

It's the annual preseason picks post!

Why do I insist on doing this year after year, when all that happens is I get embarrassed in January?

It's all for you, dear readers. I make an annual ass of myself for you. You're welcome.

AFC East

Can an attacking defense and a quarterback who can manage the game overcome offensive fireworks? Well, I certainly hope so, because I'm calling Jets.

AFC North

Can an attacking defense and a quarterback who can manage the game overcome Troy Polamalu? I think so. Ravens.

AFC South

I have long been on the Texans train - so long, in fact, that I've been promoted to conductor. And I keep waiting for the Colts to start stumbling. Tony Dungy leaves - no problem. The Edge leaves - no problem. Marvin Harrison retires - no problem. I'm thinking that Peyton's injury might be a problem this year, though. Texans.

AFC West

Philip Rivers reminds me a lot of DMac: great quarterback who can never quite seem to get there. I think the Raiders are on the rise, but the window's still open for the Chargers, who will win the division at least one more time. Oh, and I predict Tim Tebow is going to pull a Matt Leinart.

AFC Wildcard

Easy - Steelers and Patriots. Who, by the way, might very well swap with the Ravens and Jets for their respective divisions.

NFC East

Well, Eagles of course, although all this Super Bowl talk is making me a little nervous. Everyone was saying the same thing about the Cowboys last year, and, while I didn't buy that, I at least bought in enough to think they'd win the division. And look how that turned out (6-10 in case you don't remember).  Once the playoffs start, all bets are pretty much off, because a lot of it is about getting hot at the right time, but with all the ink (and electrons) that have been spilled talking about my Iggles this offseason, they damn well BETTER win the division.

NFC North

Soooo tempted to call Vikings. But while I do think that we'll see the return of Big 5 to more typical playing form, leaving the quarterback-less Redskins kicking themselves by mid-October, I don't see any reason the Packers can't at least win the division this year after winning the Super Bowl last. Oh, and the Lions are the Team of Destiny (of course) and they're about an inch away from being good. Tough division, though.

NFC South

This is a tough division to call. The Saints and Falcons are both loaded for bear this year, and the Bucs are improving rapidly. And then there's the Panthers. Who are definitely NOT in contention for the division, Cam Newton or no Cam Newton. I'm tempted to call Saints, I want to call Saints, but this is NFC South, where repeating the division is practically unheard of. Falcons.

NFC West

Gotta go with my boy K2 and his new team, the Cardinals. That hook up with Fitz is going to be sweet. Confidential to the Seahawks: Tavaris Jackson is NOT the answer. Confidential to the 49ers: Alex Smith is a hot mess. Cut bait already.

NFC Wildcard

Easy - Saints  and Vikings. Who could also swap with the Falcons and Packers for their respective divisions.


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