12 September 2011

2011 Week 1 Recap

Eagles at Rams, Sunday, September 11, 2011

In attendance: Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead, a good friend from grad school and her kids, Chef Spouse

Menu: fajitas and 'ritas and apple pie and bourbon - it's football, baby!

Stud of the week: How is NOT Mike Vick? Well, maybe because it's LeSean McCoy. Shady had 122 yards and two TDs. This is the year he breaks out big time. Bet on it.

Dear Rams:

We broke your team. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy the fruit basket.


The Eagles

I really hate to see guys get hurt (well, other than Cowboys). Bad, bad day for the Rams.  When AJ Feeley showed up, I was all: "Hey baby! What's up?" Good to see AJ's still working. If the Rams can't protect Bradford better, he could see a lot more time this season.

How many passes can a receiving corps drop in one game? The Rams were closing in on "all of them." The Eagles will not be that lucky again this season. And the run defense was not brilliant, particularly considering that Steven Jackson went down early. The o-line started out rough, although they did get better as the game went on, but there were still too many hits on Vick for my comfort.

And penalties, penalties, penalties. Jesus, what else is new? Then again, road domes are LOUD. We have to see what happens outside next week in Atlanta and/or when the Iggles get home against the Giants on the 25th (assuming the Giants have enough guys left to field a team at that point). But penalties that extend drives make the Baby Jesus cry.

Still, good win on the road over a team on the rise to start the season. And sacks for everyone! I'll take it.  (Oh, and points on D? I'll take that, too, thanks! Also, could someone please tell Dion Lewis that it's OK to take the touch back?)

Around the rest of the league:

Packers over Saints: That was a hot damn exciting way to kick off the 2011 NFL season.

Ravens over Steelers: To everyone who said I was crazy to pick the Ravens to win AFC North: you sure about that?

Bears over Falcons: Man, what happened to the NFC South this week?

Bengals over Browns: Whatevs. Neither of these teams will be in contention for anything this season.

Texans over Colts: OK, the Colts lost their QB/coach, and the Texans have always been able to put up points, but where the hell did the Colts defense go? Seriously - I didn't watch the game. Did they all skive off to nurse Peyton back to health or something? And if so, did it work?

Jaguars over Titans: I went to nfl.com to see the game highlight videos, and there were none. I joke. Still, how can two teams in both AFC North and South already be irrelevant? Don't know, but they are.

Bills over Chiefs: And it just gets worse for the Chiefs, with Eric Berry out for the season with a jacked up left knee.

Lions over Buccaneers: Even more amazingly, Matthew Stafford made it through the entire game without a season-ending injury.

Cardinals over Panthers: Two bright spots: one,  Cam Newton had one hell of a first game. Two, Kevin Kolb won his first game with Cards.

Chargers over Vikings: In the 4 pm time slot, we were watching Giants at Redskins, but we kept flipping to Chargers/Vikings since the DirecTV Sunday Ticket online was a total FAIL yesterday (it may have even risen - fallen? - to the level of EPIC FAIL. Maybe even EPIC FIAL.), so we had to rely on flipping channels to watch two games. Every time we flipped to Chargers/Vikings, the Chargers were on offense. That probably tells you everything you need to know about this game. Well, that and the fact that DMac's first pass as a Viking was a pick. And that he only threw for 39 yards yesterday. Ouch.

49ers over Seahawks: Ted Ginn is the new Devin Hester. Whatever you do, do NOT kick to him. Think Harbaugh can get consistently good play out of Alex Smith? He did yesterday. And David Akers was money for his new team. Of course. Miss you, #2.

Redskins over Giants: How crazy was that? Did ANYONE have the Redskins? And frankly, it wasn't as close as 28-14 makes it look. The Giants made Sexy Rexy look like freakin' Tom Brady out there. Decimated by injury much? Yes, and Eli looked totally out of sorts. Speaking of totally out of sorts...

Jets over Cowboys: What the hell happened to Tony Romo in the 4th quarter? That snap bouncing off his chest was the second funniest dumb ass move I've seen him make (the first being the infamous bungled hold for the field goal attempt against the Lions where he didn't even have the presence of mind to pick the ball up and rush for the, like, 1 yard the Boys needed for a first and goal). Conclusion: God hates the Cowboys every day, and twice on Sundays.

And I just watched Chad Henne #pwn the Patriots for 6. Sorry, Ochocinco - gotta root against you. You shouldn't have gone to play for the devil.

Are you going to stay up for Broncos/Raiders? Yeah, me neither.

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ExNavyCheeseHead said...

On Michael Vick, way way way to many hits. I thought it was "Blindside: The Sequel."