29 September 2011

2011 Week 4 Picks

This week, the Eagles host the 49ers. Working in the Eagles favor will be the fact that kickoff will feel like 10 am to the 49ers. Right now, it feels like there's not a whole lot else is going the Eagles way. But it's do-or-die time for our boys in green. Dropping two at home in a row is not acceptable. Losing to the NFC West is not acceptable. Starting the season 1-3 is not acceptable.

I hope Andy, Marty, Bobby and Juan have had some sort of chat with the players this week that vaguely resembles the above.

Win. Now. Please.


In the rest of the matchups:

Lions at Cowboys: Lions. And it won't even take a muffed hold on a field goal by Tony Romo, I promise.

Saints at Jaguars: Saints. It's early days, but it's not too early to rule on the Jags. They suck.

Titans at Browns: Browns. I would've gone with the Titans, but I think the loss of Kenny Britt is going to be a huge problem for them.

Bills at Bengals: Bills. Who are looking great so far. The victory over the Pats last week was HUGE. Hope this week isn't a letdown.

Redskins at Rams: Redskins. The Rams also suck, for what it's worth.

Vikings at Chiefs: Vikings. Who fortunately get to play a team that's even worse than they are. This week.

Steelers at Texans: Texans. I know, I know. But the Texans are on this year, and the Steelers are not, at least not so far.

Panthers at Bears: Bears. Hope poor Cam doesn't get bummed by that very short winning streak.

Falcons at Seahawks: Falcons. NFC West strikes again.

Giants at Cardinals: Giants. See above.

Broncos at Packers: Packers. The Packers are looking like a possible repeat.

Patriots at Raiders: Pats. I almost called Raiders, particularly since they'll be playing in Cali. But I just can't quite get there.

Dolphins at Chargers: Chargers. The Dolphins are, well, the Dolphins. The Chargers will probably pull their usual BS around the playoffs, but you know what? They'll be in the playoffs. The Dolphins, not so much.

Jets at Ravens: Ravens. The Jets may be joining the Eagles on the hot seat as biggest disappointment of the first quarter of the season.

Colts at Buccaneers: Bucs. No way that's possible if Peyton were playing, but he's not.

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chez Engel is closed again this weekend, as Chef Spouse and I will be in PA helping You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad celebrate a milestone birthday (hint: it's NOT 21) while also helping him and Lifelong Eagles Fan Mom warm their newly renovated kitchen.

We'll be watching Eagles/49ers, of course, but the other games that look like good bets this weekend include:

1 pm: Lions/Cowboys
4 pm: Patriots/Raiders 

And of course Jets/Ravens on Sunday Night Football.

MNF is ANOTHER prime-time appearance for the Colts. Bet the NFL honchos wish flex scheduling was already available to them.

27 September 2011

2011 Week 3 Recap

Eagles v. Giants, Sunday, September 25, 2011

In attendance: we were at the beach, so us, a bunch of the people we were at the beach with, and all the loud Eagles fans at Fred's Tavern. Plus this one guy who was a Bills fan. Man, did he have a good day!

Menu: bar food. 

Stud of the week: we're three games into the season, and Shady's already repeating. He was pretty much the single bright spot on Sunday. Well, Shady and the wings at Fred's.

OK, y'all - why didn't somebody tell me it was End the Streak Week in the NFL? I might've called our game differently if you had. People! Need the info here!

Mike Vick is not happy about how the hits he takes are getting called, or, to be more precise, NOT called. Two things occur to me: first, he could be right. Secondly, does he remember his first year with the Eagles - you know, when McNabb was still the starter? Did he actually WATCH any of the games? Or wait - he thought it would be different for him. Welcome to Philly, man. I have to admit, when I first heard the quote, I thought Vick was calling out the offensive line, for whatever that's worth.

Two things killed our boys on Sunday: they couldn't finish once they were in the red zone, and they couldn't get off the field on third down.

So why couldn't the guys get off the field on third down? Because it sure as hell looks like NO ONE can tackle. NO ONE. C'mon man! But one hopes that can be fixed with some practice. Or possibly some yelling. Or threats to trade guys to the Chiefs.

Taking field goals when the other team is scoring TDs? That's a HUGE problem.

You know what else is a huge problem? The Falcons and Giants have gotten TDs on pretty much every trip to the red zone the past two weeks. The defense has given up EIGHT TDs in the last two games. And they're getting MASSIVELY outscored in the fourth quarter. Is it lack of talent or lack of coaching?

Another thing that really concerns me is that the past two weeks, the Eagles have had a lead, Mike Vick has gone down, and the team has completely fallen apart. Seems to me I remember not so long ago a key player could go down and the rest of the team would respond by pulling together (remember 2008? or 2006? or 2004?). Where's the locker room leadership? Where's the guy who rallies the troops or kicks their butts as the situation requires? Used to be rookies were drafted, guys were traded or acquired, but McNabb, Westbrook, Dawkins, and, even in his Bad Assador days, Hugh Douglas provided a core around which the team could come together. Right now, they're just a bunch of guys playing football, and when adversity hits (as it ALWAYS does in the NFL), they fall apart.

Somebody has to start stepping up. Fast. Where's the heart?

Around the rest of the NFL...

Panthers over Jaguars. Cam Newton did NOT have a big day, but the Panthers were still able to deliver his first win over the not-very-good Jags. Also, welcome to the Blaine Gabbert era (anyone else flashing on "Pretty in Pink"?).

Saints over Texans. Thanks to the Sunday Ticket, mobile edition, we were able to watch this game in its entirety from Fred's on my phone. Which burned my entire data plan for the month, but whatever - it was a barn burner. Both of these teams promise a shoot-out to any team they play this year. Oh, and you know that whole field goals versus TDs thing? Yeah.

49ers over Bengals. Great. Not only do the 49ers have momentum, Frank Gore is likely to be back next week. Sigh.

Titans over Broncos.  On the topic of Pyrrhic victories, the Titans lost Kenny Britt for the season.

Browns over Dolphins. The Browns are winning ugly, but they're winning. The Dolphins, on the other hand, are toast. Have you seen their division?

Bills over Patriots. See above RE: End the Streak Week. The Bills fan at Fred's was so happy, it almost took the sting out of the Eagles' loss. Almost. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching Rocks Brady lose. Also, I look like a genius for picking the Bills. Or at least I would if it weren't for:

Ravens over Rams. Why did I pick the Rams again? Temporary insanity? Poor Spags - they're vying with the Chiefs for Worst Team in the League. Sam Bradford is regressing so badly, I'm pretty sure someone's going to have to re-teach him to read and do basic math next week.

Lions over Vikings. The Vikes are another team that can't seem to remember that football games are FOUR quarters long. Also, the Lions snapped something like a THIRTEEN year streak of losing to the Vikings in Minneapolis. Wow.

Raiders over Jets. The Jets, putative Super Bowl contenders this year, did NOT play like it on Sunday. Aren't the Jets supposed to be solid against the run? Not this time. It's good to see Jason Campbell enjoying success.

Chargers over Chiefs. I think the Chargers should be really worried that they only won this one by three. I'd be worried if I were them.

Bucs over Falcons. Interesting. And so the wheel turns again in the NFC South? Maybe.

Packers over Bears. No way Devin Hester should've been penalized and not Sam Shields. Sorry, but BOTH guys were equally at fault. Not that it would've changed the ultimate outcome, but it definitely put paid to any Bears attempt at a comeback.

Seahawks over Cardinals. All I saw of this game was a BEAUTIFUL completion from K2 to Fitz. Apparently, that was about the only thing that went right for them all day.

Steelers over Colts. The Steelers just barely squeaked by...Curtis Painter. Really? Yep. I think it was Warren Sapp who pointed out that the Steelers are old and slow this season. He's not wrong.

Cowboys over Redskins. How in the bloody hell do you manage to muff EVERY SINGLE DAMN SNAP all night long and take ALL your points as field goals and still WIN? Oh right - Rex Grossman remembered that he's Rex Grossman.

2011 Week 3 Picks

This week, the Eagles finally get to host their home opener. Aside from Mike Vick's concussion (which may not even be an issue by Sunday), the team has managed to survive the preseason and the first two weeks relatively unscathed, particularly when you look at this week's opponents: the Giants.

One of my good friends is a Giants fan, and he and I have been having an exchange on Facebook this week about the sorry state of the Giants roster. The pre-season was not kind to the Giants' D, and last week, Eli Manning lost both Domenik Hixon and Mario Manningham from his receiver core. As I observed to my friend:
  • At this rate, the Giants will be out of players by their bye week.
  • How's the practice squad looking?
  • Have they thought about sacrificing a goat?
Their secondary is particularly in trouble. To quote Big Blue View, right now, they have two defenses against passing plays: the other team calls a running play, or their front guys manage to get to the QB and force a sack or throwaway.

Somehow, I think a defensive plan that consists of: "Maybe Andy Reid's Eagles will opt to run 75% of the time! No wait - maybe we can sack the hell out of Mike Vick. Or Mike Kafka. Or Vince Young. You know - whoever's under center on Sunday!" is not likely to be effective.

Of course, our cagey coach is being, well, cagey, about which quarterback will start Sunday. And apparently, all three guys will be active. If I were a betting woman, I'd bet that Vick goes. But it's nice to know that if he's not ready or if, God forbid, he goes down again, we have TWO good options. Although he couldn't quite pull out the win last week, I must admit I was surprised at what a good game Mike Kafka was able to put together.

In the end, I think this game comes down to the fact that the Eagles are in the Giants' heads at this point. And that I don't see the Eagles dropping their home opener. And that I think there's an excellent chance DJax, Maclin or both have huge days against a very ineffective Giants' secondary, regardless of who's throwing them the ball. Eagles.

In the rest of the matchups:

Jaguars at Panthers. Cam Newton will get his first win this week. Congrats, rookie! Panthers.

Texans at Saints. These two teams look GREAT through week two, and I think it will be a shoot out. But you just can't pick against the Saints when they're in the Superdome. That's some serious homefield advantage. Saints.

49ers at Bengals. I don't have much in the way of comment on this game, other than to say: Bengals.

Dolphins at Browns. See above. Browns.

Patriots at Bills. The Bills are looking good through week 2. Guess we'll find out how good this week. Bills. (Yes, I seriously just called the Bills to beat the Patriots. I'm either crazy, or I'm going to look like an f-ing genius Sunday.)

Broncos at Titans. The Broncos are looking rough so far this year. Titans.

Lions at Vikings. Do you think McNabb will get the boot when the Vikings go 0-3? Lions.

Jets at Raiders. Jets. Duh. (Although the Raiders aren't looking too bad.)

Chiefs at Chargers. Chargers. Also duh. (The Chiefs, on the other hand, look like ass.)

Ravens at Rams. I know they're 0-2 so far, but I think the Rams (and Sam Bradford) are going to be able to hit the Ravens' somewhat depleted D pretty hard. Rams.

Falcons at Buccaneers. Falcons, who rebounded after their inexplicably flat opener against the Bears to school the Eagles last week.

Packers at Bears. Remember last year, when the Bears beat out the Packers to win the division? Yeah, me neither. Packers.

Cardinals at Seahakws. Cardinals. It's a little early, but the Seahawks may be this year's "Oh, the humanity!" team.

Steelers at Colts. Colts, take my advice and forfeit, then use the extra down time to audition quarterbacks. And head coaches. Steelers.

Redskins at Cowboys. I SOOOO want to call Redskins. But I don't know if I can truly convince myself that they'll go 3-0. Cowboys (and at the rate they're losing players, this might be the LAST game they win this year).

21 September 2011

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chef Spouse and I are going to be at the beach this weekend, so Chez Engel is closed to guests. But here are the games we'll be watching, for your edification:

1 pm: Eagles/Giants

4 pm: Packers/Bears (or possibly Falcons/Bucs)

8 pm: Steelers/Colts (or maybe we'll bag it - bet that looked like a much better idea 6 months ago)

MNF: Redskins/Cowboys

19 September 2011

2011 Week 2 Recap

Eagles at Falcons, Sunday, September 18, 2011

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Shoegal, and her new beau Oscar

Menu: grilled cheese and cream of tomato soup. Fall seems to have arrived in DC.

Stud of the week: how could it be anyone other than my boy Trent Cole? 5 tackles, an assist, and a sack. And he spent the whole damn game in the Falcons backfield. He's a beast!

I also have to give a major shout out to Mike Kafka. When Vick went down on what was just a truly unfortunate play - no cheap shot or anything, just bad luck - Kafka was in a tough spot. I actually yelled: "Our season has become Kafka-esque!" And while the coaches had to simplify the playbook down to about 1 page, still, Kafka, had the team in position to win the game if it wasn't for Jeremy Maclin's inexplicable 4th down drop. Gotta make that catch, son. Also, Vince Young? Man up with that hammy or move on, yo. We need a REAL backup, not someone who's limin' on the sideline when the shit's going down.

What a frustrating game! The secondary shut down the Falcons' receivers - with the exception of Tony Gonzales, for whom they had NO answer. The lineman blew it up into the Falcons' backfield most of the night - Matty Ice must've been having nightmares about Trent Cole, Cullen Jenkins and Jason Babin all last night - but the linebackers got repeatedly manhandled as Michael Turner ran wild, particularly in the 4th quarter.

The offense put up 400+ yards, but also committed 3 turnovers. Jeremy Maclin had a great game, even coming back from a ridiculous cheap shot by asshole Falcon Dunta Robinson, but then he also had that inexplicable 4th-and-4 drop. Andy had one great challenge, and a TOTAL whiff on the non-interception by Kelvin Hayden where intended receiver "Hands" Avant begged him to throw the red hanky.

And the red zone defense was terrible - the Falcons were 5 for 5 in the red zone. C'mon man! That is NOT a potential playoff team.

Nor is having ONE great quarter. Scoring 21 unanswered points to take the lead is fantastic - but not if you can't hold it. I know, I know - Vick concussion, Kafka, drops, etc. Let's be honest: the defense looked gassed at the end, and the Falcons turned the Eagles' typical game plan against them - get a lead and run, run, run once the D gets tired.

Why is it always the same? Amazing talent, lack of consistent focus. Sigh.

And let's talk about Dunta Robinson for a minute. I don't know if this is typical behavior, but I do know in the Eagles' last two games against the Falcons, Dunta Robinson has clearly been headhunting whichever Eagles offensive player is having the best game. NFC South fans: is this normal? Regardless, he's a dirty, cheap player who should've been expelled from the game and suspended afterwards.

Around the rest of the NFL...I got killed in my picks this week.

Lions over Chiefs: Team of destiny! What did I tell you? And Matthew Stafford has made it through TWO games without getting injured! That might be more than we can say about Todd Haley, who may have to enter the witness protection program.

Bills over Raiders: OK, they've beat the Chiefs and the Raiders, so it's not like they've taken out the Pats and the Jets (who are both, sadly for the Bills, in their division), but the Bills are 2-0. That may be the biggest surprise of the first two weeks.

Titans over Ravens: Are we sure that was the same team that destroyed the Steelers last week? Like, did the actual Ravens accidentally go to the wrong stadium? And that was some completely other team in their jerseys? Because that was bizarre.

Jets over Jags: Well, yes. I'm amazed the Jags successfully executed a field goal. And given how bad the Colts look, they might not even be the worst team in their division this year. Speaking of...

Browns over Colts: Think you feel bad today after the Eagles' loss last night? Check out Stampede Blue - those folks are suicidal. I'm guessing Peyton Manning will go on IR within the next week or two, and then Jim Caldwell, Chris Polian and Tom Telesco can start looking for a replacement for Kerry Collins.

Redskins over Cardinals: Great game, too! As a colleague who's a Redskins fan pointed out to me, eventually Rex Grossman will remember that he's, well, Rex Grossman. But for now, the Redskins look vastly improved in 2011. Maybe Mike Shanahan does still have a few tricks in his bag.

Bucs over Vikings: As I'd predicted, Big5 did have a better game this week, but it still wasn't enough. I have a bad feeling about this.

Packers over Panthers: It's official. Cam Newton is the real deal. I know, I know, the Panthers are 0-2. But these two losses aren't like ANY of their losses last year. There's hope in Carolina today. Mark my words - they'll be a contender in that division within the next few years.

Saints over Bears: The Saints are almost as hard to beat at home as the Falcons. And Jay Cutler apparently woke up Sunday morning and remembered that he's Jay Cutler. The 6 sacks the Saints recorded didn't hurt, either. Well, in the metaphorical sense - I'm sure Jay felt like ass today.

Steelers over Seahawks: Yeah...Tavaris Jackson...yeah...From the NFL.com recap, the Seahawks didn't have a SINGLE offensive snap in Steelers' territory until the 4th quarter. Yikes.

Cowboys over 49ers: I tend to think Tony Romo is over-rated and that blowing it under pressure is FAR more his style than coming up clutch, but I have to give him credit for coming back yesterday afternoon with a punctured lung. Then again, it might be that looking over his shoulder and seeing a solid backup in Jon Kitna has him worried about losing his starting job. Also, WTF was up with all the Cowboys fans in Candlestick Park? This isn't Phillies versus Nats in DC, y'all!

Pats over Chargers: The Pats are looking scary-good this year, at least so far. And that really galls me.

Broncos over Bengals: And Kyle Orton is spared another week. You have heard about the billboard thing, right? That's gotta hurt.

Texans over Dolphins: Yeah, baby! I knew it would be their year eventually - all it took was Peyton going out.

On MNF, the Rams just turned a pick and a great offensive series into...a field goal. Not a good sign. Then again, Eli's making that face a lot this evening - you know the one I mean. So it might not be over for the Rams. (Written too soon as the Rams muff a punt return - and a week of great football, even with an Eagles loss, prepares to go out with a whimper.)


15 September 2011

2011 Week 2 Picks

This week, Michael Vick leads the Eagles to the Georgia Dome to take on his old team. If you recall, the Falcons had the best record in football in 2010. And, despite the win, Vick did not have a brilliant game against the Rams last week. Well, other than this:

He looks like a greased pig. And the Rams look like the yokels trying to catch the pig.

The Eagles offensive line is a concern. And even though they lost to the Bears last week, the Falcons defense did record 5 sacks. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles defense against the run is a concern. And while the Falcons aren't exactly a power rushing team, they're in the top 1/3 of teams (well, at least so far this season).

Mike Vick remains a hugely popular figure in Atlanta - I anticipate there will be plenty of red AND green #7 jerseys worn to the Georgia Dome on Sunday. And that has to count for something.


In the rest of the matchups:

Chiefs at Lions: Lions! Team of destiny! Also, the Chiefs appear to be f-ed. Yes, already.

Raiders at Bills: We may discover that last week was a fluke, but I think I'm going to have to go with the Bills, who utterly destroyed a 2010 playoff team last week.

Ravens at Titans: Ravens. They aren't going to go undefeated or anything, but they ARE going to go 2-0.

Jaguars at Jets: Jets. Just Jets. Nothing else to say.

Browns at Colts: Is Peyton playing? Actually, it doesn't even matter - the Browns lost to the BENGALS last week. I CANNOT pick them. Colts.

Cardinals at Redskins: Tough pick. The Redskins looked surprisingly good last week (admitted, against a Giants squad that's already at November levels of injury). Then again, I did pick the Cards to win their division. On the other hand, the division I picked them to win was NFC West. I couldn't decide, so I asked Chef Spouse. I quote: "I believe in Rex Grossman's ability to blow it." There you have it. Cardinals

Bucs at Vikings: Kills me to pick against Big5, and I do think things will go better than last week, but Buccaneers.

Packers at Panthers: Well, that's just not fair to the rookie. Packers.

Bears at Saints: I don't think the Bears can keep up with the scoring, and I don't think they can count on Drew Brees to make the kinds of mistakes Matt Ryan made last week (actually, I'm pretty sure Matty Ice won't make those kinds of mistakes again THIS week). Saints.

Seahawks at Steelers: Oh my God. The NFC West has to play NFC East and AFC North this year. Damn, that's a shame. Steelers. Even if, as Warren Sapp claims, they are old and slow at this point.

Cowboys at 49ers: I wish I could convince myself to call 49ers for this game, but I don't think Tony Romo's THAT much of a mess. Yet. Cowboys.

Chargers at Patriots: I know I picked the Chargers to win their division and the Pats to go wildcard, but the Chargers play in the west, y'all. Pats.

Bengals at Broncos: If the Broncos don't win this one, we'll be able to hear the yelling for Tim Tebow to start all the way on the East Coast. And I don't mean that in the metaphorical sense. So y'all better buy some earplugs, because I'm calling Bengals.

Texans at Dolphins: Texans all the way, baby!

Rams at Giants: Both teams are dealing with injuries, but I truly believe the Giants are the better team. Giants.

14 September 2011

Sunday Schedule, Sunday, September 18, 2011

Can our 1-0 Eagles make it 2-0? Well, if we get the same Falcons the Bears got last Sunday, yes.

1 pm: likely Cardinals at Redskins, but possibly Bears at Saints

4 pm: Cowboys at 49ers

8 pm: Michael Vick goes home as the starting QB and takes on the Falcons! In prime time!

MNF: Rams at Giants

Menu: Chef Spouse is thinking grilled cheese and cream of tomato soup. Bring something to go with.

12 September 2011

2011 Week 1 Recap

Eagles at Rams, Sunday, September 11, 2011

In attendance: Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead, a good friend from grad school and her kids, Chef Spouse

Menu: fajitas and 'ritas and apple pie and bourbon - it's football, baby!

Stud of the week: How is NOT Mike Vick? Well, maybe because it's LeSean McCoy. Shady had 122 yards and two TDs. This is the year he breaks out big time. Bet on it.

Dear Rams:

We broke your team. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy the fruit basket.


The Eagles

I really hate to see guys get hurt (well, other than Cowboys). Bad, bad day for the Rams.  When AJ Feeley showed up, I was all: "Hey baby! What's up?" Good to see AJ's still working. If the Rams can't protect Bradford better, he could see a lot more time this season.

How many passes can a receiving corps drop in one game? The Rams were closing in on "all of them." The Eagles will not be that lucky again this season. And the run defense was not brilliant, particularly considering that Steven Jackson went down early. The o-line started out rough, although they did get better as the game went on, but there were still too many hits on Vick for my comfort.

And penalties, penalties, penalties. Jesus, what else is new? Then again, road domes are LOUD. We have to see what happens outside next week in Atlanta and/or when the Iggles get home against the Giants on the 25th (assuming the Giants have enough guys left to field a team at that point). But penalties that extend drives make the Baby Jesus cry.

Still, good win on the road over a team on the rise to start the season. And sacks for everyone! I'll take it.  (Oh, and points on D? I'll take that, too, thanks! Also, could someone please tell Dion Lewis that it's OK to take the touch back?)

Around the rest of the league:

Packers over Saints: That was a hot damn exciting way to kick off the 2011 NFL season.

Ravens over Steelers: To everyone who said I was crazy to pick the Ravens to win AFC North: you sure about that?

Bears over Falcons: Man, what happened to the NFC South this week?

Bengals over Browns: Whatevs. Neither of these teams will be in contention for anything this season.

Texans over Colts: OK, the Colts lost their QB/coach, and the Texans have always been able to put up points, but where the hell did the Colts defense go? Seriously - I didn't watch the game. Did they all skive off to nurse Peyton back to health or something? And if so, did it work?

Jaguars over Titans: I went to nfl.com to see the game highlight videos, and there were none. I joke. Still, how can two teams in both AFC North and South already be irrelevant? Don't know, but they are.

Bills over Chiefs: And it just gets worse for the Chiefs, with Eric Berry out for the season with a jacked up left knee.

Lions over Buccaneers: Even more amazingly, Matthew Stafford made it through the entire game without a season-ending injury.

Cardinals over Panthers: Two bright spots: one,  Cam Newton had one hell of a first game. Two, Kevin Kolb won his first game with Cards.

Chargers over Vikings: In the 4 pm time slot, we were watching Giants at Redskins, but we kept flipping to Chargers/Vikings since the DirecTV Sunday Ticket online was a total FAIL yesterday (it may have even risen - fallen? - to the level of EPIC FAIL. Maybe even EPIC FIAL.), so we had to rely on flipping channels to watch two games. Every time we flipped to Chargers/Vikings, the Chargers were on offense. That probably tells you everything you need to know about this game. Well, that and the fact that DMac's first pass as a Viking was a pick. And that he only threw for 39 yards yesterday. Ouch.

49ers over Seahawks: Ted Ginn is the new Devin Hester. Whatever you do, do NOT kick to him. Think Harbaugh can get consistently good play out of Alex Smith? He did yesterday. And David Akers was money for his new team. Of course. Miss you, #2.

Redskins over Giants: How crazy was that? Did ANYONE have the Redskins? And frankly, it wasn't as close as 28-14 makes it look. The Giants made Sexy Rexy look like freakin' Tom Brady out there. Decimated by injury much? Yes, and Eli looked totally out of sorts. Speaking of totally out of sorts...

Jets over Cowboys: What the hell happened to Tony Romo in the 4th quarter? That snap bouncing off his chest was the second funniest dumb ass move I've seen him make (the first being the infamous bungled hold for the field goal attempt against the Lions where he didn't even have the presence of mind to pick the ball up and rush for the, like, 1 yard the Boys needed for a first and goal). Conclusion: God hates the Cowboys every day, and twice on Sundays.

And I just watched Chad Henne #pwn the Patriots for 6. Sorry, Ochocinco - gotta root against you. You shouldn't have gone to play for the devil.

Are you going to stay up for Broncos/Raiders? Yeah, me neither.

08 September 2011

2011 Week 1 Picks

The preseason was so brief and chaotic this year, how can I possibly pick the games for week one?

I have to give priority to the teams I picked for the playoffs, and other than that? Coin flip.

The Eagles open the 2011 season traveling to St. Louis to take on San Bradford and his Rams. I had the opportunity to visit St. Louis for the first time for a conference in August. I wasn't super excited to go - this same conference has recently been in Chicago, San Diego, LA and Toronto - but I was very pleasantly surprised by St. Louis. The city really rolled out the red carpet for us, from an opening party on the grounds of the Arch complete with fireworks to shutting down several blocks of the Washington Avenue entertainment district for us for the closing party. The people were super nice, and the city itself was lovely.

What does that have to do with the game? Not a damn thing, but I wanted to say some nice things about St. Louis to try to take some of the sting out of the beat down they're going to experience Sunday. Do you think it helped?


Saints at Packers: This is a tough one, since I picked BOTH teams to make post-season appearances, but I'll have to go with home field advantage and pick the Packers.

Steelers at Ravens: See above. Ravens.

Bengals at Browns: Coin says Browns.

Colts at Texans: Texans.

Titans at Jaguars: Coin says Titans.

Bills at Chiefs: Coin says Chiefs.

Falcons at Bears: Falcons.

Lions at Bucs: Lions. Go Team of Destiny! Let's see if you can get Matthew Stafford through a game without suffering a major injury.

Giants at Redskins: Giants. Didn't need a coin for this one. The Redskins are going to be TERRIBLE this year.

Panthers at Cardinals: Cards.

Seahawks at 49ers: Coin says 49ers. Coin may be wrong.

Vikings at Chargers: Two more Snark-predicted playoff teams. Home field says Chargers.

Cowboys at Jets: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

Patriots at Dolphins: Patriots. Poor Dolphins. They are also likely to be TERRIBLE this year.

Raiders at Broncos: Gotta go with the Raiders, who I think are on an upswing. Really.


07 September 2011

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, September 11, 2011

After months of fear and uncertainty about whether we'd even HAVE a 2011 season, it's FINALLY here! Hallelujah!

The season kicks off with Saints at Packers on Thursday night, and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

OK, for Sunday:

1 pm: Eagles at Rams

4 pm: Giants at Redskins

8 pm: Cowboys at Jets

Menu: Chef Spouse is going traditional with fajitas and 'ritas (and of course guacamole). If you're coming PLEASE let us know by Saturday so we buy enough food and please bring something to share (food or beverage).

02 September 2011

Fresh-n-Tasty: Get Your Picks Here!

It's the annual preseason picks post!

Why do I insist on doing this year after year, when all that happens is I get embarrassed in January?

It's all for you, dear readers. I make an annual ass of myself for you. You're welcome.

AFC East

Can an attacking defense and a quarterback who can manage the game overcome offensive fireworks? Well, I certainly hope so, because I'm calling Jets.

AFC North

Can an attacking defense and a quarterback who can manage the game overcome Troy Polamalu? I think so. Ravens.

AFC South

I have long been on the Texans train - so long, in fact, that I've been promoted to conductor. And I keep waiting for the Colts to start stumbling. Tony Dungy leaves - no problem. The Edge leaves - no problem. Marvin Harrison retires - no problem. I'm thinking that Peyton's injury might be a problem this year, though. Texans.

AFC West

Philip Rivers reminds me a lot of DMac: great quarterback who can never quite seem to get there. I think the Raiders are on the rise, but the window's still open for the Chargers, who will win the division at least one more time. Oh, and I predict Tim Tebow is going to pull a Matt Leinart.

AFC Wildcard

Easy - Steelers and Patriots. Who, by the way, might very well swap with the Ravens and Jets for their respective divisions.

NFC East

Well, Eagles of course, although all this Super Bowl talk is making me a little nervous. Everyone was saying the same thing about the Cowboys last year, and, while I didn't buy that, I at least bought in enough to think they'd win the division. And look how that turned out (6-10 in case you don't remember).  Once the playoffs start, all bets are pretty much off, because a lot of it is about getting hot at the right time, but with all the ink (and electrons) that have been spilled talking about my Iggles this offseason, they damn well BETTER win the division.

NFC North

Soooo tempted to call Vikings. But while I do think that we'll see the return of Big 5 to more typical playing form, leaving the quarterback-less Redskins kicking themselves by mid-October, I don't see any reason the Packers can't at least win the division this year after winning the Super Bowl last. Oh, and the Lions are the Team of Destiny (of course) and they're about an inch away from being good. Tough division, though.

NFC South

This is a tough division to call. The Saints and Falcons are both loaded for bear this year, and the Bucs are improving rapidly. And then there's the Panthers. Who are definitely NOT in contention for the division, Cam Newton or no Cam Newton. I'm tempted to call Saints, I want to call Saints, but this is NFC South, where repeating the division is practically unheard of. Falcons.

NFC West

Gotta go with my boy K2 and his new team, the Cardinals. That hook up with Fitz is going to be sweet. Confidential to the Seahawks: Tavaris Jackson is NOT the answer. Confidential to the 49ers: Alex Smith is a hot mess. Cut bait already.

NFC Wildcard

Easy - Saints  and Vikings. Who could also swap with the Falcons and Packers for their respective divisions.