30 August 2011

More Thoughts on the Preseason

Part of the reason I don't write much in the preseason is clearly demonstrated by the response to our first two pre-season games:

Game 1, August 11, in which a victory over the Ravens includes Riley Cooper going up over Ed Reed to snag a 40 yard pass: "We're totally going to win the Super Bowl this year! Why even bother with the season? Just give us the Lombardi trophy right now and save everyone a lot of trouble!"

Game 2, August 18, in which a loss to the Steelers includes approximately 437 picks by Michael Vick (actual number: 3): "OH MY GOD! Disaster! What's wrong with these guys!?! We're going to go 2-14 this year!"

Me: "Yawn. Andy doesn't even break out the playbook until the regular season. Preseason wins and losses mean nothing."

And I'm sticking by that. I actually like to see the Eagles lose preseason games. That usually means all the guys who may or may not make the team are getting plenty of time to show what they've got. And that our notoriously cagey head coach is keeping ALL the good stuff a secret until the regular season starts. Fine by me.

In other news, Michael Vick just got his long-term contract - $80 million over 5 years, with $36 million guaranteed (in case you somehow missed it - like you've been asleep for the last 24 hours straight). I like it, personally. The Eagles lock him down long term while actually freeing up cap space in the process. Tricky, tricky. I'm guessing it's on to DJax next. Pay the little man already!

Also Howard Mudd has completely remade the Eagles offensive line. I hope it works, because Mike Vick is only worth $80 million if he stays in one piece and ambulatory.

Also, the roster is now down to the requisite 80 guys. Thursday's game against the Jets is a big night for guys contesting roster spots. Which means we're likely not going to recognize anyone on the field. But the roster needs be down to 53 by Saturday, so it's decision time.

Next up: my annual preseason divisional picks, aka The Post That Sets Up My Annual January Walk Of Shame.

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