07 July 2011


Well, the owners and the players are meeting - again - to try to work out their differences. Meanwhile, training camps are scheduled to open mid-month (and given that everyone missed all the mini camps, they're going to need every minute of prep time), and the pre-season opening Hall of Fame game is supposed to go down one month from today.

Time's running out, y'all. I don't think we want a repeat of the 1987 season, not least of which because the Redskins won the Super Bowl that year, and if the Skins win a Super Bowl under their current front office before my beloved Eagles win their FIRST EVER, I will seriously go postal.

So, sports fans, who do you think will blink first?


rocketman said...

Ah yes, the Redskins...fluke season champs not once, but twice ('82, '87). You're right, we don't want another one of those!

Autumn said...

I absolutely agree! *Thumbs nose at Redskins nation while praying to the football gods to let this be Philly's year.