27 July 2011

It's a Madhouse! A madhouse, I tell you!

As I predicted (What you don't follow me on Twitter? What are you waiting for? An invitation? Consider yourself invited), free agency is now pretty much spinning into barely controlled chaos. I quite literally can't even keep up with what's going on with the Eagles, much less the entire league. I have a day job, here, people. So I'm cheating and sending you other places for free agency news.
  • Tommy Lawlor is covering all the trades at Iggles Blitz and all the rumors on Twitter (yes, you should follow him, too)
  • Bleeding Green Nation is blogging at a blistering pace, covering all the rumors and including periodic open threads where you can share your thoughts on who's going to end up where - they also have a sidebar ticker of news from the other teams' SportsBlogNation blogs
  • Bird's Fan is also doing a good job of periodically (like "multiple times a day") summarizing all the trades and rumors of trades (seriously, am I the only one who works here?)
  • Even The 700 Level has taken a time-out from Phillies coverage to talk Kolb, Cromartie and McNabb (and while we're on the subject, two SIXTH ROUND picks?!? C'mon man!)
  • Inside the Iggles wants us to pick up Albert Haynesworth, which just...no. No. A thousand times no, Fat Albert.
  • At least the Favre rumor looks to have been bogus. Thank God.

22 July 2011

Lockout Ends

But now what?

Before we bust out the champagne, cupcakes, and 8-foot inflatable LeSean McCoys for the lawn, remember a few things:
  • The players' union has to reform and approve the deal. Now, that's likely, but it's not guaranteed.
  • Free agency is about to take place, in about 10 minutes. It's going to be a mess.
  • Rookies will need to be signed, also in about 10 minutes. And there are new rules for their contracts. Also likely a mess.
  • The salary cap has been lowered. That's going to mean trouble for some teams.
  • The Hall of Fame game has already been canceled. Who knows what's going to happen with the rest of the pre-season. 
  • The teams have to get ready for the full season in 6 weeks. As the WaPo pointed out this morning, the teams that are in particular trouble include those with rookie QBs, those that plan to pick up a lot of free agents, and those that rely heavily on a passing game and timing routes. That's definitely our Eagles on at least that last count, and possibly on the free agent issue too. As Bleeding Green Nation has pointed out more than once, the Eagles front office has at least been making noise about having a big free agency push this year. Guess we'll know soon.
In short, I'm not yet convinced that all will be well for the 2011 season, but I am at least now fairly hopeful that there will BE a 2011 season.

07 July 2011


Well, the owners and the players are meeting - again - to try to work out their differences. Meanwhile, training camps are scheduled to open mid-month (and given that everyone missed all the mini camps, they're going to need every minute of prep time), and the pre-season opening Hall of Fame game is supposed to go down one month from today.

Time's running out, y'all. I don't think we want a repeat of the 1987 season, not least of which because the Redskins won the Super Bowl that year, and if the Skins win a Super Bowl under their current front office before my beloved Eagles win their FIRST EVER, I will seriously go postal.

So, sports fans, who do you think will blink first?