04 January 2011

Annual Humiliation Post

aka, The Post Where I Detail How INCREDIBLY Wrong My Pre-Season Playoff Picks Were.

And make fun of myself in the process.

Picks for the playoffs versus who actually got there:

AFC East

I picked: Dolphins
Actual winner: Patriots

I claimed to have a "good feeling" about the Dolphins. Clearly, that was the booze talking.

AFC North

I picked: Ravens
Actual winner: Steelers

Hey, at least the Ravens are in the playoffs. Unlike the Dolphins, who may end up firing their head coach. But that's a post for another day.

AFC South

I picked: Texans
Actual winner: Colts

Ah Texans. I wish I could quit you. I have to point out that I did have the Colts as a wildcard.

AFC West

I picked: Chargers
Actual winner - Chiefs

OK, yeah - but raise your hand if you saw THAT coming.

AFC Wildcards

I picked: Colts and Jets
Actual wildcards: Jets and Ravens

So overall I got 3 out of 6, but with some seriously messed up seeding.

NFC East

I picked: Cowboys
Actual winner: Eagles

YAY! Love to be wrong on this one! I do have to point out that, had K2 started all year, I think my 6-10 or 7-9 prediction would have come true. And the Giants would've won the division. I was also wrong about the Redskins going at least 8-8 with Donnie Mac. Then again, he didn't start the full season. I'm not saying he would've definitely gotten them to .500, but I'm not saying he wouldn't either.

NFC North

I picked: Packers
Actual winner: Bears

But the Pack are one of the wildcard teams, and were a sexy Super Bowl pick back in September, and I didn't go THAT crazy.

NFC South 

I picked: Saints
Actual winner: Falcons

But it came down to the final week, and both are in the playoffs, so again, not so wildly off.

NFC West

I picked: 49ers
Actual "winner": Seahawks

The bloody Seahawks. Who are 7-9. No, I don't plan to let this go, at least until the Seahawks are out of the playoffs.

NFC Wildcard

I picked: Falcons and Vikings
Actual wildcards: Saints and Packers

So again, looking at all 6, I had 3, just in the wrong positions.

Wow - I got to .500 this year. In the NFC West, that's more than enough for a home playoff game.


Trakar said...



at least Seattle earned their .4375
record without the creative accounting you seem to allow yourself.

Anonymous said...

OK, so how did you do? Care to make it public? N.B. Wilbon didn't do much better than I did (follow the link in the original post to his picks for 2010), and he gets PAID to analyze sports.

Unknown said...

Well, you do need to get off the Texans. But so do a lot of people And now that Kubiak is staying, I foresee another year of under-performing.

But otherwise I think you did well. I also picked Miami - I thought they'd at least have some firepower instead of settling for FGs all year. And I didn't see the Bears winning their division.

I felt the Chiefs would make a turnaround, but I did not see them supplanting the Chargers either.

Anonymous said...

@JA - Actually, that's a really good question: who's the biggest surprise (positive or negative)? I think I'm most surprised at how badly the Cowboys did, given how many analysts were talking Super Bowl for them back in August. Again, as an Eagles fan, not that I'm complaining, but...