22 December 2010

An Open Letter to Jeff Lurie

Dear Mr. Lurie,

I'm sure we can both agree that this has been a very exciting year for our beloved Eagles. To recap:

  • The surprise trade of Donovan McNabb on Easter Sunday (which turned out to be a very prescient move, sir)
  • Kevin Kolb's the starting QB.
  • No, Michael Vick.
  • No, Kevin Kolb.
  • No, DEFINITELY Michael Vick.
  • You and the lovely Ms. Christina put in motion making the Linc carbon neutral (and coincidentally the greenest stadium in history) by the start of the 2012 season.
  • Andy Reid completely remade the team in two years.
  • And now, in what many people (myself included) assumed would be the dreaded "rebuilding year," the Eagles find themselves, at 10-4, leading the NFC East with 2 weeks left in the 2010 season.

In a season with many highlights, two of the highest of the Eagles 2010 season highlights have been the utter domination of the Redskins at FedEx Field on Monday Night Football and the wild and statistically nearly impossible comeback against the Giants on December 19.

Was there anything in common between those two games?


I was at both.

Now, I can't definitely say that I was the cause of those two amazing victories.

But I can't definitely say I wasn't the cause, either.

Athletes are notoriously superstitious. Some refuse to change their socks if they're on a winning streak. Every member of every playoff hockey team grows playoff beards every year. Everyone knows you NEVER speak to a pitcher who might be in the middle of a no-hitter. And I'm not saying that I believe in the Curse of William Penn, but I do know that as soon as those guys put his statue atop the Comcast Center, the Phillies won the World Series.

The Eagles have everything in place they need to make a deep run into the playoffs:

  • A young, hungry, talented team
  • The most electrifying QB in the NFL
  • A head coach with significant playoff experience and success
  • Ample supplies of Gatorade

The only thing that's missing from this picture?

Me, preferably in the owner's box.

Don't you think it's better to be safe than sorry? 

Do it for your team.

Do it for your city.

Don't let this be another year of dreams deferred.


The Snark

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shoegal said...

PLEASE tell me you're really going to send this to JL.