18 November 2010

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Eagles host the Giants this week in a prime-time battle for the lead in the NFC East. I'm hoping the Eagles repeat their recent beatdown of the Redskins, although I suspect the Giants will not be such easy pickings.

ThNF: Bears/Dolphins (Once again, the NFL Network manages to score a good game. Now if we could just do something about their booth crew...)

1 pm: Redskins/Titans (with Cowboys/Lions on as the secondary game)

4 pm:  Colts/Patriots (second game? people's choice)

SNF: Eagles/Giants is ON!

MFN: Chargers/Broncos

Menu: Chef Spouse needs to make another run at chestnut soup before Thanksgiving, and he's thinking duck with a sour cherry pan sauce too. I'll be making pies this weekend, so there will be an apple to enjoy.

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