05 November 2010

Friday Special: Top 5 Tips for Football Players

Remember this one? Not dumb enough to make the list, though.
There are a number of things that I say nearly every week in the course of the games (no, not bad words -well, I say those, too, but they aren't unique to me). Shoegal suggested I might want to collect them into a list.

The Snark's Advice to Football Players
  1. CATCH first, THEN run.
  2. When tackling, remember to use your arms.
  3. Stop juking - just secure the ball and run. This ain't college honey - the other players are fast, too.
  4. When the QB puts the ball on your numbers, catch it donkey.
  5. Pull off a GREAT play? Down by 20+ points? Don't celebrate - just don't. You look like a moron.
What would you add to that list?

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