11 November 2010

2010 Week 10 Picks

Thursday night football already? I know the teams get a short week, but those guys get paid millions of dollars. What about us poor sports bloggers?

Speaking of, though, way to get the party started, NFL Network!  Ravens at Falcons! After the kind of crap matchups they've seemed to get in past years, I was almost expecting something like Cowboys v. Panthers. But this is a real game! That you want to watch! Pick? Below, after I talk about the really important issue:

Eagles at Redskins, MNF, it is ON.

Did you hear that there's a QB controversy? And it doesn't involve the Eagles? That by itself is enough to get to me to do The Happy Dance.

So do I think it's possible there's a racial angle? Sure, it's possible - Shanny's never worked with a black QB, and the Skins franchise doesn't have the best record on racial issues.  But I think it's FAR more likely that Pops is trying to save Junior's nepotistic ass. Because I'm a better QB than Rex Grossman. And I'm a 5' 5" 39 year old white woman.

But still, QB controversy that's NOT taking place in Philly is good by me. And did you hear that the Eagles are in first place in the "who gets Mike Vick" sweepstakes? More good news! Since I'm pretty sure we've all concluded that Kevin Kolb is not the future.

Also? I'm going to the game. 8th row endzone tickets, bitches! FedEx is a lousy stadium but since I'll practically be ON the field, I doubt I'll notice.

In case you forgot, when the Redskins faced the Eagles in Philly about a month ago, Mike Vick got pancaked, neither McNabb nor Kolb played brilliantly, and the Redskins ran ALL OVER the Linc.

And won.

This time? Turn about is fair play, y'all. Time to lose in YOUR home stadium. The System? TOTALLY with me on this one. Eagles all the way, baby!

In the rest of the matchups:

Ravens at Falcons: Possible Super Bowl preview? Maybe. And if it is, I predict it will have the same result as I'm seeing for tonight: Ravens win.

Jets at Browns: Jets. The Browns did shock the hell out of the Patriots - and everyone else in the football viewing, playing, and commentating world - but lightning isn't going to strike twice.
Texans at Jaguars: Texans. C'mon guys! You want to stay competitive with the Colts, right?

Bengals at Colts: To quote our former Preznit:  "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice...you can't fool me again." Actually, this one was clear. But I'm still bitter about being led astray on the whole Steelers thing last week. Colts.

Lions at Bills: Will the Bills go 0-16? Not sure, but I predict they WILL go 0-9. Lions.

Panthers at Buccaneers: Hm. The System says Panthers. Which when you look at the standings seems crazy. On the other hand, the Bucs have been feasting on a soft schedule. Panthers.

Vikings at Bears: Vikings. Sigh. Do you think if Brett Favre dies on the field, he'll finally retire? Or will they just hook up the Postmortem Biomechanics Set and turn him into a zombie? Actually, are we sure they haven't already done that?

Titans at Dolphins: Randy Moss is now a Titan. Chad Pennington is now the starting QB of the Dolphins, for the first time in over a year. In other words, everyone's probably a little rusty/unsure. But the Dolphins still have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, so the QB is probably fairly irrelevant. Dolphins.

Chiefs at Broncos:  Chiefs. Who would've thunk it 6 months ago?

Rams at 49ers: This is a close one, but The System gives a slight edge to the Rams. Will it be enough to offset homefield? We shall see, but I'm going with the Rams and Sam Bradford, who's having a terrific rookie year.

Cowboys at Giants: Giants. Duh. I picked that before I did the math, but The System agrees. The System also agrees that the Cowboys suck.

Seahawks at Cardinals: Seahawks, who welcome Matt Hasselbeck back, and not a moment too soon. Also? Worst Game of the Week. Great work as usual, NFC West.

Patriots at Steelers: Steelers. Also, what a great Sunday Night Football pairing!

On bye: Packers, Saints, Raiders, Chargers


Anonymous said...

Keep sleeping on the Falcons. But you might want to stop betting against them, especially at home. Now being a Falcons fan, who also is a Vick fan, I hope to see the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, right before we go whop whatever AFC team survives the gauntlet over there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I will definitely have stuff to say about this in my week 10 recap (which will be a little late, since I'll be AT Monday Night Football tonight). But I think the real story of the 2010 season is probably that there are no dominant teams. I would've put the Giants and the Steelers into that category...until yesterday. Now? This is what parity looks like, but at least each week brings excitement, as pretty much any team *could* beat any other team.