28 October 2010

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bye week, and it's just in time. Mike Vick can't get back under center fast enough. But we'll still be watching football, y'all.

1 pm: Redskins at Lions (secondary game Jags at Cowboys)
4 pm: Vikings at Patriots (open to requests on the secondary game)
SNF: Steelers at Saints (who better pull their heads out of their asses, or this is going to get ugly)
MNF: Texans at Colts

Menu: well, it's Halloween, so Chef Spouse plans to make some "eerie" drinks. Not sure what all that's going to involve, but it should be interesting. Menu? So far it's a surprise - Chef Spouse is feeling undecided. I'll post an update when he makes up his mind.

Also, come in costume if you can, since you'll be helping hand out candy once it gets dark. And because it's fun.

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