18 October 2010

2010 Week 6 Recap

Eagles v. Falcons, October 17, 2010

In attendance:  only me.  On business in Minneapolis.  Chef Spouse was at home with some of his friends.  But I was all alone with Supercast.  F'ing business trips.

Menu:  room service. Bleh.

Stud of the week: DeSean Jackson.  No contest.  He'd put up 14 points on the Falcons before the BS hit Dunta Robinson laid on him.  Which, by the way, looked totally intentional.  Fines? You bet. Suspension? Well, I wouldn't be opposed.   

So this will be quick due to the business trip, but a few game notes:

I have to start with the cheap hit on Brent Celek late in the second quarter.  I think it was the Falcons' safety, and it resulted in a pick and K2 drawing a 15 yard penalty for a horse-collar tackle, but what was up with that not being called in the first place?

I was loving that lights out D for entire first half and parts of the rest of the game. Where have these guys been for the past 6 weeks? Matty Ice is going to be having nightmares about Trent Cole.

I was freaking out about Akers missing those field goals. Uncharacteristically, he was visibly pissed, throwing his helmet twice. Just before he made the the 30 yarder in the 4th quarter, the problem became apparent:  his shoes (or actually, I should say "shoe" on his left/kicking foot).  David, I love that you want to show your support for breast cancer research, but not at the cost of missed field goals. Put the black shoe back on, hon.

Kolb looked good. He looked calm and confident, not least because of good play by the O-line. Maclin's clearly his go-to guy, but Jackson had a big day before that cheap hit, too.

The running game was clicking, too, more props to the O-line. LeSean McCoy continues to be a stud, and Eldra Buckley had a good day, too.

Finally, Jorrick Calvin, where have you been all my life?  Let's get that rookie some more playing time, yo!

Around the rest of the NFL...there were a lot of good games!

Dolphins over Packers. This game wouldn't have gone to OT if the Dolphins hadn't completely whiffed on the 4th and goal QB sneak that tied the game.  Good thing for them they pulled it out, because I don't think firing your special teams coach AND your defensive coordinator within a week DURING the season is a very good idea.

Rams over Chargers. Well that was unexpected. What's wrong with the Chargers this year? Seriously, real question - if you know, post in the comments.

Patriots over Ravens. Another OT win. How did this happen?  The Ravens were leading most of the game, Brady threw two picks. Being on a business trip during football season kills me - I missed the game AND all the commentary about why it went down the way it did!

Steelers over Browns.  Well, duh.

Texans over Chiefs.  Close game, though. I think the Chiefs just might win AFC West this year, at least if the Chargers keep stinking it up.

Giants over Lions. Again, not surprising. Again, close game. The Lions are missing, like, 1 thing, but whatever it is, it's key, because they lose ALL the time. They don't get blown out, of course, but they lose.

Seahawks over Bears. Also unexpected. What is wrong with the Bears O-line? Again, serious question. If they don't pull it together, Cutler's not going to last the season.

Saints over Buccaneers. Well, yes.

Jets over Broncos. Again, not that surprising, even thought Tebow got in and played well.

49ers over Raiders.  FINALLY! Mike Singletary was about to blow a gasket.

Vikings over Cowboys. The hotel I'm staying in for my conference is the same hotel the Vikings stayed in the night before the game. And I didn't kick Brett Favre in the crotch or throw a drink on him or anything. And I totally had my boss lined up to bail me out. I know - wasted opportunity. Also, Cowboys? HA!

Colts over Redskins. Not surprising, although the Skins made a real game of it. You know it's killing McNabb that he's never beat Peyton Manning.

I'm currently watching Titans/ Jags, and BOTH starting QBs are out.  I think Kerry Collins is preferable to Trent Edwards, but we'll see.

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shoegal said...

Vietnam is great but it doesn't have football. Well, at least not this kind of football. And Facebook is blocked in most places so I'm going through double withdrawal. On the plus side, the food is great but am looking forward to getting back to some of Chef Spouse's great eats.