08 October 2010

2010 Week 5 Picks

So there was this post on Philly.com today about how the Eagles are so terrible, and it either means the coaches are awful or the team has no talent. 

Here's a hypothesis:  the team's average age is 15.  They're not terrible - the coaches aren't the worst since Bum Phillips - they're YOUNG.  Many of our starters are within their first couple of years in the NFL.  Yeah, no one wants to say "rebuilding" but that's what we're doing. 

Oh - and Sunday's game?  We don't do well historically in prime time or going west, and we're missing a lot of guys (Vick, Asante Samuel, Riley Cooper, in addition to the guys who are out for the season) - and LeSean McCoy is playing with a broken rib.  And we're terrible against the run - ever heard of a guy named Frank Gore?

Yes, I'm calling 49ers.  They have to win sometime

In the rest of the matchups:

Bears at Panthers:  Da Bears.  They might not be as good as they looked at 3-0, but they're not as bad as the Panthers.

Falcons at Browns:  Falcons.  That thing with the Bengals last week?  Fluke.
Packers at Redskins:  Packers.  Although I'd love to see McNabb smoke the team that busted our asses in the first week.  But I'm pretty sure the Packers offense is too high powered for the still-adjusting-to-the-3-4-system Redskins

Rams at Lions:  Rams.  Who have apparently improved this year.  Go Spags!

Chiefs at Colts:  Colts.  I'm still not buying the Chiefs, and the Colts are better than their 2-2 record.

Broncos at Ravens:  Ravens.  Kyle Orton tries to throw for a million yards, he's going to get picked a million times.

Buccaneers at Bengals:  Bengals.  I think.  But they could be imploding already.  Which is a little ahead of schedule, to be honest.

Jaguars at Bills:  Bills.  Jags are in for a let down after their win over the Colts.

Giants at Texans:  Texans.  Despite their win over the Bears last week, I really don't think the Giants are all that good this year.  And I do think the Texans are good, despite their loss to the bloody Cowboys.

Saints at Cardinals:  Saints.  They have to lose eventually, but I don't think it's going to be this week,
even with Drew Brees hurting.

Titans at Cowboys:  Titans.  But this one's kind of a push, because the Titans are all about the run and the Cowboys have been stout against the run so far this year.  Then again, you can't stop Chris Johnson - you can only hope to contain him. 

Chargers at Raiders:  Chargers.  I can call them if they're not blacked out at home.

Vikings at Jets:  Jets, although now that Randy Moss is back in purple, this is going to be a much more interesting game.

On bye: Patriots, Dolphins, Seahawks, Steelers

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