04 October 2010

2010 Week 4 Recap

Eagles v. Redskins, Sunday, October 3, 2010

In attendance: HUGE crowd. Chef Spouse, Shoegal, Black & Gold Raquette (newbie), Tweety Monster, Fellow Eagles Maniac, McLovin, KiKi & the fam (newbie), Wingman, Mr. Wingman, and Theater Geek, Hon (newbie). It was nice of everyone to show up and try to distract me from the horror on the field.

Menu: guacamole and chips, cheese and crackers, fruit, veg and dip, and Chef Spouse's amazing guacamole. And many, many watermelon margaritas.

Stud of the game: I can't say Donovan, can I? Then my second choice would have to be LeSean McCoy who, although he didn't get in the endzone, had 174 yards combined rushing and receiving...up until he broke his rib. DJax? Nothing. Maclin? Nothing? Celek? The TD grab, but otherwise nothing.

We were just outplayed, out coached, and out passioned. You would not believe how many player interviews there have been in DC about how much the whole team wanted to win this for McNabb. And Shanny gamed planned what we've all been screaming for AR to do for years - not place the ENTIRE success of the offense on Donny's arm.

Speaking of Big Red, is Andy Reid's main problem as a coach that he just can't make quick decisions? Case in point 1: the timeout debacle at the end of the first half. Case in point 2: the LeSean McCoy fumble that was originally not counted as a fumble, until we didn't get the next play off and Shanny had time to challenge - and win.

And penalties! Why do we ALWAYS have so many PENALTIES? How can the guys - both coaches and players - not understand how that just DESTROYS drives? And at home! We don't even have the hostile crowd noise excuse.

Our special teams continues to be the kind of special that involves the short bus.

And the thing that really worried me was that after Vick went down and K2 went in with a chance to win the game and earn the starting job back, he mostly just looked lost.

At the end, we were left hoping DMac would throw a pick. And considering that he'd already thrown one, which is rare enough, it would've been more likely for Sasquatch and Nessie to show up at my front door toting seven layer dip. That is not a game plan.

And now Vick is injured and it was on a play when he didn't get into the endzone in the first place AND the whole play got called back because of a (say it with me, kids) PENALTY.

I quote DJax: “We’ve just got to find different ways of getting open and sitting in the holes, we’re not always going to be able to be running down the field and scoring these long touchdowns.”

Except that's pretty much been the sum total of the offense for the past 11 years. "O-line, you stay in to block. Everyone else, go long. Donovan, bomb it on down there." And it mostly worked, most of the time.


On the up side, I hear Jeff Garcia's available.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Jets over Bills: Raise your hand if this surprises you. (cue the tumbleweeds and coyotes)

Browns over Bengals: Of course, TO got a TD, so as far as he's concerned, HE won. In other news, I think Carson Palmer may be pretty much done. And the Browns actually won a game! I'm guessing they should continue to sit Jake Delhomme indefinitely.

Ravens over Steelers: Helluva game. Black & Gold Raquette about had a heart attack. Every time I start thinking Joe Flacco's not that special, he pulls off a game winning drive in about 35 seconds. And this was his first win in the Burgh.

Broncos over Titans: Do the Broncos even have any running backs on the roster at this point? You wouldn't know it from the way they're playing. And who knew Kyle Orton had those kind of throws in him?

Packers over Lions: But just barely. The Lions do seem to be improving. Now if they could just improve enough to, you know, actually WIN some games. Still, good effort!

Falcons over 49ers: Also just barely. We were watching Ravens/Steelers on the TV with Panthers/Saints on the computer, but it looked like the 49ers were going to walk away with this one...at least in the first quarter. I like Singletary, and he's fun to watch, but this team has got to pull it together and fast.

Saints over Panthers: Barely, and it didn't look like the Saints were going to pull it off. I guess every team needs a good scare now and again.

Rams over Seahawks: Hm. Are the Rams better, or are the Seahawks who we thought they were (prior to those 2 wins)? At least the Rams didn't let them off the hook.

Jaguars over Colts: 59 yard field goal at the buzzer! Oh man, we've been there...

Texans over Raiders: Notice who's atop the AFC South so far? Told you so!

Chargers over Cardinals: Whatever. I'm still picking against the Chargers at home every time they're blacked out. Punk-ass fans.  This is FOOTBALL, bitches!

Giants over Bears: The Bears STUNK IT UP. Cutler got sacked 9 times. Oh man, we're been there, too. I guess this Halloween you should show up at Jay Cutler's house dressed as Osi Umenyiora. It's amazing he still knows his name and where he lives.


Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with Kevin Kolb: He wasn't much of winner in college, so there's no reason to expect him to win in the NFL.

Kolb's college stats at the University of Houton look like this


OK, but not great, especially when you consider wins and yards per game. If you want a great pro quarterback, draft and start a winning college QB. For evidence, see Vick, Michael. His stats at Virginia Tech weren't great, either, but he WON Games. Same with Donovan McNabb, the now-hated Brett Farve, the walking punchline Joe Thiesman, etc.

-- Ed

Unknown said...

This game underscored my long-time contention in regard to Andy Reid:

He's pretty good at drafting (except for D-Linemen), and pretty good at personnel turnover (the team never has totally tanked despite many new faces).

But he's questionable at best in regard to in-game decisions and game planning. I can't even count how many times I've seen indecisiveness or just plain strange decsions.

As you mentioned, maybe he just doesn't think well on his feet.

Unknown said...

We'd have come, but we think it rude to root against the hosts' team. It would have been hard to control our glee

-- The Deadhead Skins Fan and Spouse