09 September 2010

Sunday Schedule, September 12, 2010

Can you believe this shit? I'm not going to be here. Major conference, so I'm flying out first thing in the morning so I'm all settled in Chicago in time to watch at least our game and Cowboys/Redskins.

Honestly, WHO schedules a conference to START opening weekend?

OK, so we'll be watching the actual 2010 season opener (Vikings at Saints) here tonight.  Sunday looks like this:

1 pm game - Panthers at Giants (not that this is going to be a GOOD game, mind you, but it is a divisional rival)
4 pm game - Packers at Eagles
8 pm game - Cowboys and Redskins (GO, DMAC, GO!)

MNF 7 pm - Ravens at Jets (now THAT is going to be a good game)
MNF 10 pm - Chiefs at Chargers

Menu?  The traditional season opening fajitas, of course.  I'll likely be eating room service, unless I can find a Packer bar in Chicago where I can go start a fight.

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