22 May 2010

Mission: Training Camp

OK, fellow Eagles fans, you may or may not remember, but my New Year's resolution this year is to attend Eagles training camp.

And the dates for training camp have been announced:

The rookies report Monday, July 26.
The vets report Thursday, July 29.
The Eagles break camp on Wednesday, August 18.

They're at Lehigh as usual, and fortunately, Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad live driving distance from Lehigh.

What do I need to know to have an AMAZING training camp experience?

(And no,  I did not post about the draft. Know why?  I know jack shit about the college game, so I don't have anything to say that wouldn't be regurgitating what someone else said.  And you can do your own damn Google search for that.)


Anonymous said...

Convince Jeff Lurie to sell the team. Convince the new owner to re-sign McNabb.

-- Ed

Anonymous said...

@Ed - well, if I see him, I'll do my best. Any other advice?

Anonymous said...

Advice that came in from my uncle (who is maybe an even bigger fan than I am and has been many times): "you must go to training camp...so much fun, you'll never be closer to the players. Get there early and make a day of it."

Unknown said...

My Dad and a buddy of his used to go to Redskins training camps when they were up in Carlisle. One trick he learned was to find out the bars in town where the team hung out post-practice. Offered a whole new level of interaction with the players. Something to consider, anyhow.