18 April 2010

Free Agency Advice - How'd I Do?

Not that anyone in any position of power was listening, but about two months ago, I posted my thoughts about who the Eagles should keep and let go during free agency. So how did it go?

I still can't get over my shock at the fact that we traded our franchise QB, the winningest QB we've EVER had in Philly, to a division rival. Speaking of, you've seen this piece from The Onion, right? Yes, it's a joke newspaper, but you have to wonder how much of this McNabb is thinking but not saying because he always acts with class.

Anyway, moving on....

QB: We did keep Kevin Kolb, who's now the starter (God help him, after only two previous NFL starts and maybe 1-2 full games worth of playing time otherwise), and we still have Mike Vick, who I expected to be long gone by now. Speaking as a marketing professional, I understand that pricing strategies are never easy. But I have a little tip: if NO ONE is biting, you're price is too high. Food for thought, Front Office.

RB: It's sad, but I was right about Westy - we had to let him go, and he's pretty much done, as evidenced by the fact that he's still on the market. Big Red was making some noise about bringing him back as a coach. I think that would be a great move. Anyone listening? Leonard Weaver has a nice new deal. McCoy's going to be the #1. And we kept Eldra Buckley, too, and picked up Mike Bell from the Saints.

Oline: The Big Kid's gone. Such wasted potential. Stacy's still around - at least for the moment - and it's looking like Nick Cole will be the center until Jamal Jackson heals up. Jason Peters is still around, as is Max Jean-Gilles. We need some serious help here in the draft, or we're going to need a new QB by the bye week, because we'll be O-U-T OUT.

WR: Avant got a new deal, which he totally deserved. I'll be interested to see how 4 and Dime works out. We still have Reggie Brown, but Kevin Curtis is done. Injuries bite again. Hank Baskett, Mr. Fade Route, is back from Indy. Welcome home, Hank!

TE: WE dumped Alex Smith and kept Ingram and Rucker. Not what I would have chosen.

Dline: Darren Howard's gone, which we needed to do, as is Jason Babin.

LB: Omar Gaither, Chris Gocong, and Akeem Jordan are all back. Trot, Will Witherspoon and Tracy White are all gone. I would've kept Tracy White if it were up to me. We need some serious draft help here. Edited to add - wrong about Gocong there - he's not back. Sorry about that Eagles fans.

DBacks: Speaking of needing help - oy. Sheldon left - no shocker there - and we let Sean Jones go, picked up Marlin Jackson, also from the Colts, and hung onto Ellis Hobbs. News? None of these people are the answer. In case you forgot the question, it's: Who's going to succeed Brian Dawkins? Keeping my fingers crossed for the draft....Edited to add: of course, Marlin Jackson is a safety. But I'm far from convinced he's the heir apparent to Dawk. Should've been more clear about that.

ST: Oh my God, it looks like we're hanging onto Sav Rocca. Shit. On the up side, he finally seems to be holding properly for Akers. I am trying REALLY hard to look on the bright side here, people.

On to the draft, where we have enough picks to pretty much replace the entire team.


Ian said...

Tracy White was never released or traded... He's in Bird limbo. :)

Sorry to nit-pick!

Anonymous said...

Reggie is a Buc. They gave us a 2011 6 round pick. I liked Reggie more than some, but he was done here. Good luck to him in Tampa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the corrections, y'all! I also missed the Darryl Tapp trade, and of course, today's acquisition of Ernie Sims. This was only partially my fault, as the NFL site is incomplete - those bastards! :)