31 March 2010

2010 Preseason Schedule and the (total absence of) Trade Rumors

The 2010 Preseason schedules are out.

Eagles games include:

Date TBA versus the Jaguars
(Edited 4/9/2010 to add: date now set for August 13)
August 20 at the Bengals
Date TBD at the Chiefs
(Edited 4/9/2010 to add: date now set for August 27)
Date TBD versus the Jets
(Edited 4/9/2010 to add: date now set for September 2)

What does this tell us? Diddly. Also, we'll probably lose all the games, since if the past 11 preseasons have told us anything, it's the Big Red doesn't give a damn about winning preseason games.

Also, do you notice the complete lack of offseason trade rumors circulating on this blog? That's intentional. Know why? They're RUMORS. That change about every 10 seconds. And 99.758% of them are wrong.

Want a rumor? Here's one: Brian Dawkins will be hired as the new head coach of the Eagles next week. Also, Brian Westbrook will be color commentary on Sunday Night Football. Trent Cole's going to be playing for the Texans (Team of Destiny!). And Mike Vick will be the starting QB of the Indianapolis Colts. In the aftermath of his Dancing with the Stars experience, Ocho Cinco's quitting football to try to make it as a Vegas showgirl. You heard it here first.

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