08 February 2010

Super Bowl 44 Recap

Saints v. Colts, Sunday, February 7, 2010

In attendance: Small group, due to the Snowpocalypse. Shoegal, Limin' ABD, Wingman & Mr. Wingman and a few neighbors who could get here on foot.

Menu: Tex-Mex deliciousness, hot wings, homemade pralines, ice cream, beer & margaritas

Stud of the game: Tracy Porter. I know Drew Brees got MVP (because really, the winning QB almost always gets MVP), but Tracy Porter's pick in the 4th quarter was what really sealed the win, putting the Colts in a 14 point hole with just over 3 minutes left in the game.

The Colts owned the first quarter, but the Saints pretty much owned the rest of the game. Key plays, in addition to Tracy Porter's pick, included the surprise onside kick to start the second quarter, the challenge on the successful two point conversion, Matt Stover's missed field goal, and the fact that Garrett Hartley nailed 3 long ones. And the fact that the Peytonator spent the entire second quarter watching the game from the sidelines, which was exactly what the Saints needed to do. You beat Peyton by keeping him off the field.

Congratulations to the Saints. We'll miss you in the "never won a Super Bowl" club. This is gonna be one hell of a last week of Mardi Gras season.

(yes, that photo above is me & Chef Spouse second lining to Rebirth down our snow-covered street in the aftermath of the win)

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Unknown said...

Keeping Manning mostly on the sidelines for over 70 minutes (real time) was exactly what the Giants did to Jim Kelly of Buffalo in SB 25. The Bills scored only 19 in that game after racking up 51 in the AFC Championship Game that season.

As a result, the Colts defense looked fatigued as the game progressed - it seemed that Pierre Thomas was breaking the initial tackle almost every time, and later, so were other Saints.

And that mound of snow looks awfully high. Your city probably resembles a war zone right now.

suzq said...

Lil' Chef and I declare Thomas Morested, the Saints' punter, to be MVP of the Super Bowl.

His college coach in Connecticut died the day he was picked in the draft by the Saints. And he taped up a picture of him in his locker room. Two punts from behind the 40 and one brilliant onside kick. All key to winning a game they weren't supposed to win.

- Queen Bee

Anonymous said...

@Jack - got over 2 feet of snow in the first storm over the weekend and we're now in the middle of Major Storm #2 in less than a week - blizzard warnings and likely to drop another 10+ inches on us. I may never leave my house again.

@Queen Bee - Good call on the shout-out to Thomas Morested, particularly that onside kick that really broke the game open for the Saints. We'll expect to see you two for games in the 2010 season!

Unknown said...

We got 17.6" yesterday, but only 7.7" during the Saturday storm that buried DC and Philly. So when I start feeling depressed, I just think about how much you got and in comparison - we got off relatively easy.

Anonymous said...

@Jack - 55" reported in DC so far this winter. 1. That makes this the snowiest winter here ever. 2. It's only the second week of February. Conclusion: we're screwed.