05 February 2010

2009 Super Bowl Picks

I've been putting off writing this post. As I tweeted to Tweety Monster the other day:

I have 4 days to convince myself the Saints can win & write about it :)

Time's up.

And my heart says Saints.

But my head...my head says Colts.

There is no "owed" in football. Just ask Eagles fans.

And the Saints are a great story this season, but you don't always get the storybook ending. Just ask Jeff Garcia about the 2006 season. Or Jaws about 1980.

Philly.com has a "keys to victory" post up for both teams. Yes, keeping the Peytonator on the sidelines is a good plan, as far as it goes. But do you remember that game earlier this season when the Colts held the ball for less than 15 minutes and won anyway? And they scored 14 points in about 30 seconds? The man does not need much time to win the game. Frankly, if you're dependent on the arrival of "The Turnover Fairy" to win the game, you might be in trouble.

I do feel that the best team in each conference is representing at the Super Bowl, rather than one or both being repped by teams that just happened to get hot at the right time. And if good wishes were points, the Saints would win this easily, since I think everyone who doesn't live in Indianapolis (and even maybe some who do) are rooting for the Saints.

Every bit of reason...everything I know or pretend to know or suspect I know or am widely believed to know about football...everything I absorbed from watching umpteen games and hours and hours of SportsCenter and the NFL Network...tells me the Colts are going to win this.

I'm calling Saints anyway. To hell with good sense, and if they win, don't expect to see me in the office Monday.

In other news...

The NFL finally leaps into the 21st century with fan page that will collect a variety of social media content about the Big Event.

If the game turns into a blow out, you can always switch over the Super Bowl commercial archive (thanks to Tweety Monster for link).

Interesting in placing a wager on the Super Bowl? You got it - Super Bowl betting.

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Unknown said...

Trent Dilfer on ESPN Radio today made a good case for the Saints. He pointed out that the Colts defense has had trouble vs balanced offenses.

You make an excellent point about so-called Storybook endings. Sometimes I think we're influenced by notions such as "destiny" etc; but as you point out, there's lots of nice stories that were never written or finished they way some would have liked.