06 January 2010

So how'd I do?

It's time for my annual Post of Shame, aka, when I own up to picking REALLY REALLY badly.

AFC East

I picked: Dolphins
Actual winners: Patriots

And the Fins aren't even in the playoffs. Sigh.

AFC North

I picked: Steelers
Actual winners: Bengals

In my defense , NO ONE saw that coming. And the Steelers, also, aren't even in the playoffs.

AFC South

I picked: Texans
Actual winners: Colts

The Texans, also, are not in the playoffs. But they ALMOST made it in and finished over .500 for the first time! Team of Destiny!

AFC West

I picked: Chargers
Actual winners: Chargers

I got one! I got one!

AFC Wildcard

I picked: Colts and Ravens
Actual winners: Ravens and Jets

In my defense, I *did* point out that the Colts and the Ravens could easily win their divisions, leaving the Texans and Steelers going in as wildcards.

As usual, The Snark gets punked by the AFC.

NFC East

I picked: Eagles
Actual winner: Cowboys

Oh man, does that rankle.

NFC North

I picked: Lions
Actual winner: Vikings

I have no excuse for that pick. I must've been hitting the gin pretty hard that night.

NFC South

I picked: Falcons
Actual winner: Saints

Ah well, at least the Falcons put together their first ever back to back winning seasons. Which is poor comfort for me.

NFC West

I picked: Cardinals
Actual winner: Cardinals

Apparently, I can only pick correctly in the weakest divisions in the NFL. That's pretty discouraging.

NFC Wildcard

I picked: Cowboys and Saints
Actual winners: Eagles and Packers

OK, I got 4 teams in the top 6 right. Just mostly in the wrong order.

And you wonder why I'm not making a paying career out of this :)


Unknown said...

I don't think you did badly (though I do recall questioning the sanity of that Lions' pick).

Actually, I think it's revealing to look at who you didn't pick: you didn't buy into the Giants or Panthers, which was smart. And at least you didn't go picking the Bears to win it all, like Peter King did.

Anonymous said...

Taking a positive spin, just trying to get the right teams in the top 6, I was at 50% in the AFC and 67% in the NFC - just way off on positioning.

Bears to win it all? BEARS? I may never stop laughing...

Netherman said...

The parity makes it so tough to pick these things.

Lions...ooh, don't know what to say there ;) Could have been worse...you could have picked the Brownies. What genius hands the keys to Dad's car to Mangini. Are we sure he is not part of an evil "scorched earth" strategy by Belichek who sent his minion in to single handedly decimate other NFL teams from within? Sure smells like a hatchet job.

Anonymous said...

@Chris - interesting theory. So far Mangini's torpedoed the Jets and the Browns, and McDaniels is doing the same to the Broncos. We may not have enough data yet to draw conclusions, though. Who else is in the Evil Bill coaching tree?

Unknown said...

Further supporting Chris's theory, Charlie Weiss is now in KC as Offensive Coordinator. And they already have Scott Pioli in the front office. As Tuesday Morning Quarterback has been saying ever since Spygate: "Bill Belichick must be behind this somehow".

Anonymous said...

@Jack - I'm pretty sure Belichick's behind global warming, so I wouldn't be surprised....