18 January 2010

2009 Divisional Weekend Recap

Damn, it hurts not being able to write about the Eagles this weekend.

So another 4 games - another 3 dull blow outs.

Well, that's not *strictly* true.

I definitely enjoyed the Saints big win over the Cardinals. "Saints are stick-a-fork-in-them done"? WRONG WRONG WRONG. But glad to be wrong. The only bad side was that the Cards couldn't get much going on offense, so I didn't get to see much of my secret NFC wide receiver boyfriend Larry Fitzgerald's cute tushie. Reggie Bush had the kind of game Saints' fans have been expecting but mostly not getting since he was drafted. He quit trying to juke around guys and get fancy and just decided to run them over. Bout damn time. That beauty of an opening rush TD by Tim Hightower was about the only good thing the Cardinals managed to pull off all day. And Kurt? I know you threw a pick - don't try to block. It's totally legal to light you up, and you KNOW it's the secret fantasy of every single defensive player in the NFL to get a clean "Jacked UP!" hit on a QB. But Ben Graham? You need to at least TRY to hit Reggie Bush. That was some weak-ass BS, buddy. I think Kermit's getting his wish....

First NFC Championship Game ever in the Superdome! Geaux Saints!

Chef Spouse was really pulling for the Ravens, but like I said, Flacco would have to complete more than 4 passes for 20 yards to win. And he did. But it wasn't enough. "Resting the starters is going to result in another one-and-done for the Colts"? WRONG WRONG WRONG. How is it that the Colts can get away with 97.38% passing and be successful and we can't? Oh right - the Peytonator never gets hit. Plus if you're +3 in turnovers, as the Colts were Saturday night, there's no way you lose. Could the two #1 teams face each other in the Super Bowl this year? Yep. And when was the last time that happened?

Now seeing the Cowboys get blown out is always a good time, even if it was Brett Favre's Vikings who did it. As I expected, Jared Allen had a big day. Adrian Peterson didn't really, but Sidney Rice sure did. I love the fact that the Cowboys never even scored a TD. Tony Romo didn't cry that I could see, but he sure as hell didn't look happy. Loved the "rub your nose in it" last TD, too. Man, I just have no objectivity when it comes to the Cowboys. And I bet Wade Phillips gets fired, despite having a terrific overall winning percentage. But a 1-5 playoff record? I don't see Jerry Jones putting up with that any longer. And you notice that Andy Reid got his contract extension before the playoffs, and they're still holding on Wade? Mmm-hmm. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Now the Chargers/Jets game was exciting. Rex Ryan is a blow hard, but it ain't braggin' if you've got the goods to back it up. The Jets seem to have the goods to back it up. Chef Spouse was totally puzzled about the way the game was unfolding until I pointed out that the Jets are the #1 defense in pretty much all categories this year. You know what they say - offense wins game, defense wins championships. Nate Kaeding cost the Chargers 9 points - and the game. And two of the missed field goals were at 36 and 40 yards. Yikes.


Unknown said...

To answer your question (not sure if it's rhetorical), the last time two number one seeds danced together was 1993, Cowboys vs Bills. Also happened in '91, Bills vs 'Skins.

It seems that unless they're playing the Colts, the Chargers just tank in the playoffs. Marty Shottenheimer was blamed, but they can't blame Marty Ball any more.

shoegal said...

I loved Sean Suisham's missed FGs. Too bad he couldn't have returned to form one week earlier...

Anonymous said...

@Jack - not rhetorical, and thanks for the data. And I agree on the Chargers. They're second on my list of "Why on earth hasn't this team won a Super Bowl yet?" Guess who's first?

@Shoegal - really. Although it still wouldn't have been enough to get our poor Iggles over the hump. Sigh.