25 January 2010

2009 Conference Championships Recap

Conference Championships, Sunday, January 24, 2010

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Shoegal, Chef Shorty (who was here to learn about football for his cub scout patches - really!), and his mom, The Beekeeper

Menu: Soul food extravaganza! Ribs, mac-n-cheese, collards, chipotle squash, corn bread, sazeracs, brownies. URP!

Colts over Jets.

Well, yes. Philly.com did a fun "10 things about the..." for each of the games. I still think that the thing that was the most amazing about this game was that the Jets managed to hang in there for the first half. Hell, they were leading at halftime. Of course, they didn't score another point. But still, rookie QB? Not bad.

Loved the self-possession of Sanchez, who rushed everyone to the LOS and QB sneaked after the big did-he-or-didn't-he? catch by Jericho Cotchery in the first quarter. That is some heads-up playing by the rookie. I also loved the fact that Rex Ryan got [this] close to punching one of the zebras on the non-roughing call Sanchez totally deserved. Buddy Ryan was a wild ride for Philly. Hope NYC is ready for and enjoys what's coming.

Did you notice that the Peytonator goes down if anyone even gets near him (which is rare to begin with)? Yeah, it's probably smart because it keeps him healthy. But if any Philly QB ever tried it, he'd be tarred, feathered, and run out of town in a hurry. Can you imagine the pissing and moaning if McNabb EVER dared to go down without at least 3 guys hanging off him and 2 broken bones?

Saints over Vikings.


The Saints are going to their first Super Bowl ever. The Times Picayune is running a "what excuse did you use to get out of work today?" poll. LOVE!

The Saints really did not play well. Fortunately, the Vikings turned the ball over five times. FIVE. It's not possible to win if you turn the ball over that often (unless the other team turns it over more). Particularly since Brett Favre pulled a typical and choked, throwing a pick when the Vikings could have won it with a late-game field goal without extra yards. Your kicker's name is Ryan LONGWELL for chrissakes! Although a bunch of people have been all, "Favre should've run!" Um, he wasn't ABLE to run at that point. I think his leg would have fallen off. For realz. By the end of the game, Brett Favre looked like, to quote Keith Olbermann's favorite phrase, a big bag full of mashed up Brett Favre. Now the retirement watch begins. Again. A little tip? GO AWAY.

Also, someone should probably glue some footballs to Adrian Peterson's hands for about, oh, the next month or so. "You can eat when you can learn not to drop the damn ball, donkey!"

$20 says Favre retires, then ends up QBing the Bears next year.


suzq said...

Beekeeper? That's the best you can come up with?

The Vikings offensive line laid more eggs than our Carnolian queen. The result for both was still the same: game over.

That's the last Carnolian queen for me, although the hubster wants to give the breed another chance.

Will someone give Brett Fav-re another chance?

And isn't it a shame you have to tape up the old man and send him back in to get tackled six more times because your top round draft choice SUCKS? That's like making grandpa come out of retirement because the grand kids are running the company into the ground.

And for the record, I'm older than Brett Fav-re and even I know I'm too old to be knocked to my keister 12-15 times in three hours.

Someone could break a hip.

Anonymous said...

@suzq - I've only changed one nickname in the past 5 seasons, but I can be petitioned if you have a better suggestion :)

And yes, I think it's safe to say that Tavaris Jackson is a bust. Even worse? The next guy on the depth chart is Sage Rosenfels. Brad Childress might want to think about trying to find an *actual* #2QB at some point.

Unknown said...

First, a correction on my previous comment - it was Don McCafferty, not Don McCauley, who coached the Colts to their SB V (weren't Roman numerals so much easier back then?) victory. McCauley was a Colts running back from 1971-81. McCafferty and McCauley were thus on the same team at the same time; I used to get them confused then, and I still do, apparently.

As for the Vikes, I think they should just go ahead and draft a QB. If Favre comes back (the upside is more Sears commercials, the downside is more Favre on the field), they can just work on developing the draft pick. After all, Favre will retire some day... or so one would think.

Shoegal said...

What about Queen Bee? works on a couple of levels. Chipotle Mama? Something about the Browns or Cleveland?

Anonymous said...

@Jack - are we entirely sure Favre's not one of the undead? He plays inside now...anyone checked recently to see if he casts a reflection?

suzq said...

I love Queen Bee. That leaves room for the Hubs, who is the real beekeeper in the family.

And now, for the most important thing....


Anonymous said...

@suzq I'll take Queen Bee under advisement :)

And I'm assuming you're referring to Wilbon's "NO! You can't RETIRE!" column this morning? After much study, I have come to the conclusion that I am the only sportswriter in the universe who doesn't automatically kiss Brett's ass (or ring, if you prefer). So everything written about him by anyone other than me needs to be taken with a HUGE grain of salt (preferably draped on a BIG margarita).