16 December 2009

Sunday Schedule: December 20, 2009

Here we go, Eagles, HERE WE GO!

I love December. Particularly since we tend to play so well. Well, except for the 4 days a week of football - it's hard tot set aside that much time, yo! Some of us have to do Christmas shopping!

ThNF: Colts/Jags (only we won't be watching it, as we'll be at the Inn at Little Washington celebrating lucky 17)
SaNF: Saints/Cowboys (I see 8-6 in my crystal ball)
1 pm: Eagles/49ers
4 pm: Chargers/Bengals
SuNF: Vikings/Panthers
MNF: Giants/Redskins

That's a lot of games, dawg!

Menu-wise, we're going out on a limb. Chef Spouse doesn't like to experiment on guests, but Ex-Navy Cheesehead has requested sauerbraten with red cabbage, so we're going to experiment (and it's a good thing I checked out the recipe now, because we'll need to start it marinating no later than Friday!) Bring German beer.

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