03 December 2009

2009 Week 13 Picks

It's go time! December, final quarter of the season, the run the playoffs. It's on, baby!

Up next for the boys in midnight green: the Atlanta Falcons. The Eagles are hurting. Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and I were chatting this afternoon, are we surmised that Westy is out for the season, UNLESS (until) we get in the playoffs. They're still "keeping an eye on" Peanut. We're banged up in almost all areas of our team, and we still have major linebacker issues. The only two who seem fully healthy (knock wood) are DMac and Akers (who was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Month for November. Congratulations, David!).

On the other side of the ball, Matt Ryan is definitely out for Sunday, and Michael Turner is unlikely. Which is good news for us. I'd feel even better if someone could lock Tony Gonzalez in a closet somewhere. The Falcons are desperate, battling to stay in the wildcard race. And they're playing at home. And they're 5-0 at home this season.

But it's December. It's our time now. Look for the Eagles to keeping rolling and keep up the pressure on the Cowboys, with a key win in Atlanta.

Jets/Bills. The most interesting part of this game is the fact that it's being played in Toronto. Why can't the NFL Network get decent games? You'd think they would have an in. Jets.

Bucs/Panthers. Bucs. Upset pick. They almost sneaked past the Falcons last week, and I think they will pull off the win this week. Not that it really matters for either of these teams. If you're not at least at .500 at this point, it ain't gonna happen, homes.

Rams/Bears. Bears. Because when you're playing the Rams, it doesn't matter how bad your QB is, he's still the best QB on the field.

Lions/Bengals. Bengals. Who are going to the playoffs. Where I think they're going to get creamed. But that's later.

Titans/Colts. I keep picking against the Colts, and I'm almost always wrong. But I don't think I will be this week. Titans.

Texans/Jaguars. OK, the Texans really *should* win this game, and I'm not even joking this time. Texans.

Broncos/Chiefs. The Broncos have definitely not been delivering on their 6-0 promise in the past few weeks, but they'll win this one, just in time to give their fans a little 2-game-winning-streak hope, just before they yank the rug out again. Next week. Broncos.

Patriots/Dolphins. The Saints have just shown us the way to beat the Pats - and get Belichick to bench Rocks Brady in the process (I still can't believe they GAVE UP with 5+ minutes left!) - be unstoppable on offense. Sadly, that is not a feat the Dolphins can duplicate. Pats.

Raiders/Steelers. The Steelers are struggling mightily - and mostly unsuccessfully - this season. But they'll be successful this week. Steelers.

Saints/Redskins. The Redskins have been playing better. And the Saints may not go undefeated this season. But they will this week. Saints.

Chargers/Browns. Chargers. Also, ouch.

Cowboys/Giants. I think the Cowboys are f-ed. It's December, Tony Romo is still taking the snaps, and they finish the season Giants, Chargers, Saints, Redskins, and us. I see them going 1-4 over the final 5 games. But *this* week is the game they'll win. Cowboys.

49ers/Seahawks. Man, is the NFC West bad. Just like last year. Only one team about .500 (Cardinals), and they're 7-4. Then again, they did the same last year, and they went to the Super Bowl. Which just goes to show that you never know. Except I know that the 49ers will win. Speaking of the Cards...

Vikings/Cardinals. Vikings. Not that it really matters, because if they can get to 8-8, the Cards will probably win their division. Did I mention that the NFC West is really, really bad?

Ravens/Packers. Much as a Ravens win would help us in the wildcard race (although I hope it won't matter because we'll win the division), I don't think they'll pull it off. Packers.

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