13 November 2009

Sunday Schedule: November 15, 2009

I know, I know - I'm running a little late here. Business trip to Chicago got me all off schedule. It's the battle of two good teams that are really, really hard to predict. What I know is that we really, really need this win. Unfortunately, so do the Chargers.

TNF: Bears/49ers. Also, if you're just checking in now, you missed it.
1 pm: Redskins, schmedskins. We're watching Bengals/Steelers, yo!
4 pm: Eagles/Chargers
8 pm: Colts/Pats. Also, possibly a preview of the AFC Championship game. Which is pretty much potentially true every year with these two.
MNF: Ravens/Browns. Whose bonehead idea was it to put the Browns on Monday Night Football?

Menu: Chef Spouse says roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable or two yet to be identified. Bring something that will go with!

Finally, in other AFC North news, the NFL has fined Ocho Cinco $20K for his $1 bribe joke (and thanks to Shoegal for the heads up). "No ma'am, we at the NFL have no sense of humor that we are aware of."


shoegal said...

My friend will coming with dessert. New blood! See you 3-ish.

Lindy Dreyer said...

Nothing pains me more than watching the Browns lose to the Ravens--except watching it happen during primetime on Minday night. *pouty face*