05 November 2009

2009 Week 9 Picks

Last week, leading up to the matchup with the Giants, all the commentators were all "Giants Giants Giants." Then we BEAT the Giants. And now they're all "Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys." Man, you lose ONE game to the Raiders and it dogs you out FOREVER.

That's OK, though - everyone should definitely keep focusing on all the other teams in the NFC East - even the poor benighted Redskins - because we like being the underdog. First the Giants were the best team in the NFC East. Now it's the Cowboys. Whatever. We'll see what y'all have to say after we spank the Cowboys on Sunday.

Who am I picking? Please. Do you even have to ask? Get ready to cry, Tony, because you know how much we love that.

Redskins/Falcons. Falcons. Duh.

Cardinals/Bears. This one is interesting. Both teams are maddeningly inconsistent this year, beating tough opponents one week (Giants for the Cards - although maybe they aren't as tough as everyone once thought - and Steelers for the Bears - although no Troy Polamalu that week) and dropping games they should win the next (How did the Bears lose to the Packers when they still had Brian Urlacher? How did the Cards lose to the Panthers? Wait - I know this one. 5 turnovers.) I'm going to call Cardinals, but this one really could go either way.

Colts/Texans. Texans! Team of Destiny! (Really, they're probably not going to win, but you never know.)

Ravens/Bengals. A month ago? I would definitely have called Ravens. Today? I'm calling Bengals, man. They seem to finally have their collective act together.

Chiefs/Jaguars. Jaguars. The Chiefs are terrible.

Packers/Buccaneers. The Pack will bounce back from their disappointing loss at home to the Vikings last week by KICKING THE BUCS' ASSES. You heard it here first.

Dolphins/Patriots. I know this is crazy talk, but I'm calling the Dolphins. I just have a feeling about this one.

Panthers/Saints. The Saints have to drop a game eventually, but it's not going to be this week. Saints.

Seahawks/Lions. Ugh. Seahawks. And whatever you do, DO NOT watch this game. Seriously. I fear for your mental health.

Titans/49ers. 49ers. Vince Young was the answer last week against the Jags, but he's not The Answer.

Giants/Chargers. The Giants do have the advantage of being at home, but I don't think it's going to be enough of an advantage, particularly the way they've been playing lately. Chargers.

Steelers/Broncos. Hm - are you sure there's no way BOTH teams can win? The Steelers are my Pennsylvania-homer AFC team, but the Broncos have Wolverine. It's a tough choice, but I do think the Broncos will pull this one out.

On bye: Bills, Browns, Vikings, Jets, Raiders, Rams

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