26 November 2009

2009 Week 12 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! These are going to be quick, because Lions/Packers has already started and I'm in a carb coma after breakfast at Brennan's and need to try to go for a walk or something so I have room for my tasty, tasty Thanksgiving dinner at Commander's Palace in about 5 hours.

What am I thankful for this year? Chef Spouse, my wonderful family and friends, my job, this past week's vacation in New Orleans (my favorite place in the world), and the fact that after dropping two games we should've won (I'll give us the Saints and Chargers, but there is no way we should've lost either the Raiders or the Cowboys games), we're still well in the playoff hunt.

The Redskins are resurgent, with a win over the Broncos and a narrow loss to the Cowboys. Looks like Sherm "B-17" Lewis has been good for the team, and as long as Jim Zorn's willing to lie there and take it, the team may actually improve to finish 8-8. But we're in crunch time, and one thing Reid and McNabb have excelled at over the years is pulling it together in the final weeks of the season to get us into the playoffs. We'll beat the Skins at home Sunday to keep pushing for that wildcard spot, or even our 6th division win in 9 seasons.

Lions/Packers - Packers. Even though the Lions scored first, I just don't see them pulling off the upset.

Raiders/Cowboys - I SO want to call Raiders. And they did beat the Bengals last week. And it's almost December. And the Cowboys have not looked brilliant the last few weeks. And they did lose to the Packers two weeks ago. I think I just talked myself into calling the Raiders. Particularly since Jason Witten may not be able to go.

Giants/Broncos - I SO want to call the Broncos, but I just don't think I can. You know things are bad when Kyle Orton has to come back in on a bum ankle because Chris Sims IS a bum. Sigh. Giants. Keeping the pressure on us.

Dolphins/Bills - Dolphins. They're in trouble without Ronnie Brown but they're not in THAT much trouble.

Seahawks/Rams - Ew. Well, at least the Seahawks will get to win a game. Not that you want to watch it. Really. Trust me. No watch.

Colts/Texans - Texans! Team of Destiny! Colts gotta lose sometime, right?

Browns/Bengals - You remember that whole mercy rule thing I proposed a few weeks ago? This is another game that will need it. Bengals. Who should maybe handicap themselves to keep it from being totally ridiculous. Maybe Ocho Cinco could play with his shoelaces tied together or Carson Palmer could throw from his off hand every other play or something.

Panthers/Jets - You know how the Jets aren't actually a very good team? Neither are the Panthers. But they're good enough for this. Panthers.

Bucs/Falcons - Falcons. I can't think of a single funny thing to write about the Bucs at this point. That's a shame.

Chiefs/Chargers - You know how the Chiefs shocked everyone and beat the Steelers last week? That was pretty cool, wasn't it? Hope they enjoyed the positive attention while they had it. Chargers.

Jaguars/49ers - Jaguars. Who seem to have turned their season around. Dear Jags fans: man up and buy some tickets so the games stop getting blacked out already!

Bears/Vikings - Vikings. What's the over/under on Jay Cutler picks in this game? I've got $20 on 4.

Cardinals/Titans - Talk about another team that's turning it around! The Titans have won 4 straight since their bye, but it very well might be too late already. And Kurt Warner's supposed to be good to go. Cardinals.

Steelers/Ravens - Talk about two teams that are not living up to expectations. The Steelers are struggling with injury - Roethlisberger, Polamalu, Charlie Batch - and the Ravens, well, I'm not sure *what's* going on there. The Steelers are only one game back, although the Bengals hold the advantage of beating them twice, but they are the very definition of clutch, and they're now playing for their season. I think it's going to be a nasty game, but I think the Steelers will pull off the win.

Patriots/Saints - GAME OF THE WEEK. I can't wait for this one. I think we've all realized the Saints are totally for real this year. After Monday night, I think we'll have a good sense of how far they'll go into the playoffs. And I think the Saints win this one. And I think these Saints very well may go marchin' in to Miami in February.

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Unknown said...

Well, the Iggles got one out of two in terms of favorable Thanksgiving results, with the Giants getting spanked in a day filled with turkey, stuffing, and awful football games.

I'm picking the Jags too. The Niners have a history of losing at home vs AFC teams.

And come Monday, I will be a Saints fan for a day.