19 November 2009

2009 Week 11 Picks

In the midst of my packing frenzy, I stop to give you Just the Picks, Ma'am:

Eagles/Bears - Under Andy, we don't do well in prime time or in Chicago. But the Cowboys helped us last week by playing against the Packers like I expected them to play against us, and we still hold the tie-breaker over the Giants. (Despite beating the Broncos last week, I still don't view the Redskins as a threat. I could be wrong. But I doubt it.) I fully expect us to recover from our recent swoon and start winning some damn games! Like this one! Pull it together, Coach!

Dolphins/Panthers - Dolphins. Jake might not be done-done, but I don't see him doing well this week. The Panthers are bad against the rush. You know who's good at rushing? The Dolphins. Who will wildcat all over the Panthers. Dolphins.

Colts/Ravens - The Colts have to lose some time, and I think it will be this week. As long as Harbaugh doesn't have a brain fart and hand the ball back to Peyton Manning with 2 minutes to cover 30 yards. Ravens.

Redskins/Cowboys - I hope the Redskins can keep the momentum going long enough to beat the 'Boys. Redskins (she picks, hopefully).

Browns/Lions - OH THE HUMANITY.

49ers/Packers - I like the 49ers. Unless it's snowing at Lambeau Sunday.

Bills/Jaguars - Bills. Go MoJoDrew!

Steelers/Chiefs - Steelers. Also, that's a shame.

Seahawks/Vikings - Vikings. Stupid Brett Favre.

Falcons/Giants - I can make an argument in my little head either way for this one. But I think the 4 game slump Giants are the real Giants. Falcons.

Saints/Buccaneers - The Saints also have to lose sometime. But it's not going to be this week. And we'll get to cheer for the Saints surrounded by lots of Saints fans, since we'll be in NOLA! Geaux Saints!

Cardinals/Rams - Cards. Call me, Fitz!

Chargers/Broncos - I predict the winner of this game will win AFC West. I also predict that it will be the Chargers on both counts.

Jets/Patriots - I heard Belichick just got a fresh shipment of kittens. Patriots.

Bengals/Raiders - Bengals. Also, this, too, is a shame.

Titans/Texans - Texans! Team of Destiny!

Also - no more bye weeks! YAY!


Anonymous said...

I heard that NBC used Flex scheduling to get that big Browns/Lions contest moved to SNF. (rocketman/jack)

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds said...

You know, the funny thing is, a lot of Cowboy fans are hoping the skins give them a good scalping. That way they can get off that roller coaster that goes Up, then Down, making us all Sick! Oppps! Guess I revealed that Yes, I Am a Cowboy fan. ...eh, i'm just Not a fan of LOSERS!!! :(