15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

It's 2009 Blog Action Day, and this year's theme is Climate Change. Which is a perfect opportunity to talk about the Eagles.

I'm particularly proud to be an Eagles fan today. Co-owner Christina Lurie started the Go Green initiative in 2003. Among the Go Green accomplishments:

  • The Linc was one of the first sports stadiums to serve beverages in "plastic" cups made from corn.
  • The Eagles had their first carbon neutral (thanks to offsets) game in 2005.
  • They're using solar and wind power, planting trees, encouraging fans to recycle, helping fans figure out how to offset their game day emissions, turning user Linc fryer oil into biodiesel, and have won a Pennsylvania Environmental Council sustainability award.
  • Hell, even the cheerleader calendar is printed on recycled paper, and the bikinis were made from organic cotton and recycled plastic. I'm not kidding - check it out.
  • They've partnered with Stop Global Warming since 2005.
What can you do to lower your carbon emissions? Check out the Go Green initiative, other Blog Action Day posts, or the Climate Crisis site to find out.

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