24 September 2009

Sunday Schedule: September 27, 2009

Our Iggles should be able to pull out a win this week against the hapless Chiefs, even if Big Red decides to take the snaps himself (now THAT would be wildcatting!). So look for a happier day Chez Snark. Game schedule:

1 pm: Eagles/Chiefs
4 pm: probably Broncos/Raiders, but I'm willing to put it to a vote, as none of our division teams are playing in the 4 pm slot
8 pm: Colts/Cardinals (should be interesting - hope Peyton's a night owl, since he seems to be scoring a lot of prime time games this year)

MNF: Panthers/Cowboys - if the Panthers can pull out a win against the Cowboys, I think there might be some life in their season.

Menu: we have a bit of a quandary this week. Two non-regular couples are planning to join us for the games. One couple consists of two big-time foodies. The other has requested a low-fat meal. (Silly friends! Don't they know that we are the House of Butter, NOT the House of Low-Fat?) Chef Spouse and I put on our thinking caps and came up with homemade pasta with a variety of sauces and a big green salad. Bring something that will go with (garlic bread, wine, dessert, etc.).

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shoegal said...

I'm in for an insalata caprese (aka fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil). I'll bring extra tomatoes for the low-fat contingent.