16 September 2009

Sunday Schedule: September 20, 2009

Can we win without Big5? We'll find out Sunday. I'm nervous, but with my fingers crossed, and I do feel better knowing that Jeff Garcia's back in the Birds' nest. Check out Chicks in the Huddle for a chick fight throwdown between me and NOLA.

1 pm: Eagles/Saints, baby! I doubt Drew Brees will thrown for 6 TDs against *our* D.
4 pm: Ravens/Chargers or Steelers/Bears (we'll vote)
8 pm: Giants/Cowboys - that should be fun!

MNF: Colts/Dolphins - that should also be fun!

Menu is still TBD, but right now Chef Spouse is leaning towards fajitas, and promises me that there WILL be a FULL compliment of guacamole this week.

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