09 September 2009

Sunday Schedule: September 13, 2009

Welcome to the 2009 season, homeslices!

I'll be at home Thursday night watching the Steelers whup up on the Titans, if anyone cares to stop by. Otherwise, for Sunday:

1 pm: Eagles/Panthers
4 pm: Skins/Giants (with periodic check-ins on Cowboys/Bucs)
8 pm: Bears/Packers

MNF: double header of Bills/Patriots and then Chargers/Raiders

3 days - 6 games - happy Snark!

For the menu, we're planning to pick up hoagies from the fabulous Taylor, home of delicious and authentic Philly sammiches here in the hood. The bread's from Sarcone's and they would NEVER sully your hoagie with anything but oil & vinegar and Italian seasoning. Bring something that will go with!

Edited to add: Joe pointed out that the Cowboys/Bucs game is at 1 pm opposite the Eagles game. Guess we WON'T be flipping to that, even if our game is a blow out one way or the other, because I need to see how our new players fare in a real game situation.


Joe Rominiecki said...

The Cowboys/Bucs game is at 1 p.m. (Don't know if that's a change from previously.) Bummer for me, as I don't have an NFL package, so I'll miss the Eagles on Comcast Sunday. Looks like they'll be showing the Cowboys game at 1 p.m. instead. Not happy. (Dallas and Tampa are BOTH further away geographically from DC than Philadelphia and Carolina, so why does that game get the air time here? Gah.)

Anyway, hooray football! Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Joe (which means I WON'T be watching Cowboys/Bucs). Feel free to email me for directions to my house if you want to come over to watch the game. Seriously.