16 September 2009

QB controvery? What QB controversy?

From a recent Facebook exchange with one of my Fellow Football Enthusiasts:

FFE: Shouldn't you be worrying about your injury-plagued Eagles?

Snark: Well, I'm worried about Big5, but I'm not too panicked about the rest of the team (at least not yet). I see us resting McNabb through the bye and heading into weeks 5-17 with our franchise QB and, at worst, a 1-2 (more likely 2-1, even possibly 3-0) record.

FFE: You think they'll play Vick if McNabb can't go? Or Garcia?

Snark: Sunday? My money says Kolb gets the start and, as long as he's not stinking up the joint, plays. If he *is* stinking up the joint, Jeff "Insurance Policy" Garcia goes in.

Vick's not eligible until week 3 against the Chiefs, and even then I think it's unlikely he starts. Vick's a whim who was picked up for the NFL equivalent of the change in the sofa cushions ($1M) - at that price, he can be cannon fodder for all they need to care.

I think what AR is evaluating right now is Kolb's ability to be the #2 (and eventual #1, because McNabb can't play forever, all Farves to the contrary). The spot's his to lose, and that chance starts in just under 4 days.

So what do you think, fellow Eagles fans? No way is our #1 in question - frankly, he never has been for the past 10 years (and the haters who think he has are nuts and apparently incapable of basic math, because the stats don't lie) - but clearly, our #2 is. And in another couple of weeks, we'll have an embarrassment of QB riches. Who stays? Who goes? What will the depth chart look like?


Unknown said...

I friended you on Facebook...have you also considered Twitter? I think you'd make some insightful and funny Tweets.

Anonymous said...

I actually do tweet, but it's mostly about association stuff (my day job). And I try to stay off line during the games so I can pay attention.