31 October 2006

MNF Thoughts

I wouldn't have thought it possible for Monday Night Football to jump the shark, but I'm pretty sure the presence of Paris Hilton indicates that it has. Well, that, or it's the Apocalypse.

The first Patriots series had me really confused. It bore some resemblance to what I've come to recognize as football through watching Eagles games this season, yet it was so different...what was going on? Hmmmm. And then a flash of light - that's what it looks like when receivers not only don't drop passes that are put right on their numbers but also make an effort to adjust their route or come back to the ball or jump or stretch or reach - you know, exert some effort to try to actually CATCH the ball. Wow. Cool.

Meanwhile, the Vikings looked like, well, us. Not pretty.

At least MNF seems to have dispensed with the ridiculous celebrity interviews. But if I had to hear Theisman talk about how Brady has never had the opportunity to work with a good receiver one more time... um, Deion Branch anyone? Troy Brown? David Givens? I mean, these guys may not be Randy Moss, but they're not exactly Todd Pinkston either.

And I think I've figured out what's going on with some of the penalties we've drawn in the past few weeks. Guys, "The 12th Man" is a metaphor for devoted fans. It doesn't mean you actually get to have an extra player on the field. Clear?

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