14 September 2009

2009 Week 1 Recap

Eagles at Panthers, Sunday, September 13, 2009

In attendance: Shoegal, ExNavy Cheesehead, Chef Spouse

Menu: small bowl of Chef Spouse's amazing guac (couldn't find decent avocados), Yuengling, crudities, yummy hoagies from Taylor

Stud of the Week: I really could've picked anyone on the D, but I had to go with my man Sheldon Brown, who picked off Jake Delhomme twice. Not that that seems to have been all that tough a job yesterday, but still.

First of all, I was SO wrong. Both our D and our O were ready to rock. Although on that first Panthers drive, I was heard to remark: "Did everyone forget how to tackle after Jim Johnson died?" I was also heard to remark: "If they can just rattle Jake Delhomme, I guarantee he'll start throwing picks." Yes, I may be psychic. Which, if true, is good news for the Lions.

Let's deal with the good before we get to the bad (and hear why I'm not panicking...yet.)

Our D was dominant. DOMINANT. They dismantled the Panthers. Seriously - I think Jake Delhomme's left arm may have landed in my back yard. Dick Stockton was talking about how JJ must be smiling down from heaven. Sean McDermott did him proud - he's clearly been paying attention for the last 10 years. Best moment? The crap time at the end of the game when the Panthers decided to go for the TD on 4th & goal, and our first team goal line D ran out there all "NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN." And it didn't.

Our O looked really great too. BWest's offseason training was a little unconventional, consisting entirely of surgery, but it looks like it worked. He was cutting like the old days. Also, now that we have so many options on O, they can't just send everyone after Westy. And the new guys - Maclin and McCoy - both got playing time and both stepped up. And Celek made Chris Cooley look like The Prophet of Football. Leonard Weaver got a carry. And did you see Peanut's speed? It's a party and everyone's invited.

Did I mention all of our offensive options? Last year, Big 5 threw to something like 10 receivers for over 200 yards each, which was an NFL record. This year, he could top himself. Assuming we get him back.

So now we're on to the bad. As everyone knows by now, McNabb broke a rib. It was a late hit - big time - that was not called, but really, does it even matter? How much do you want to bet AR was thinking, "Why me, God?" Many commentators have been calling this both the most talented group of players the Eagles have EVER assembled and favorites to go the Super Bowl. That would depend on us having our 5 time Pro Bowl QB able to play.

But there is an up side (I think). When he went down, Stockton was talking about knees. I was FREAKING out. Knee injuries, in my experience, are not good. Ribs we can deal with. QBs can play with injured ribs (see Roethlisberger, Ben). Also? Vick is available for the Chiefs. Also? We have an early bye. Also? My boy Jeff Garcia's back! Kolb was, um, let's call it not that impressive once he took over yesterday. But I think we can come out of the first 3 games 2-1 (we'll lose to the Saints - unless our D wins it for us, which is not impossible, but is unlikely - and beat the Chiefs regardless of who's under center), rest McNabb until after the bye and be good to go. I hope.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Steelers over Titans. What a way to kick off the 2009 season! Defensive battle that goes to OT. It was a costly victory for the Steelers, though, as Troy Polamalu is out for 3-6 weeks. And they looked like a different team without him. However, they don't face the Ravens until after he's back even in the worst case scenario, so hopefully it won't kill them.

Falcons over Dolphins. A lot of people say that the NFC East has resumed its rightful place as the toughest division in football. NFC South is quietly making inroads on that title.

Broncos over Bengals. Well, yeah, although that was one wacky ending. Dawk and Buck had good games, but if it requires an Act of God to get you past the Bengals, you are in for a LOOOOONG season, my friends.

Vikings over Browns. Um, yeah. Quarterback, schmarterback. Anyone heard of a guy named Adrian Peterson?

Jets over Texans. Ok, either Mark Sanchez is the second coming of Dan Marino or I might've been wrong about the Texans. Beginner's luck?

Colts over Jaguars. Although it was a lot closer than I thought it would be. Peyton's not looking so magical without Dungy and a cadre of amazing receivers.

Saints over Lions. And Drew Brees threw for the most TDs in one game in about 40 years. We could be in trouble next week. Also, see above RE: the NFC South. Also, Matt Stafford may not be the QB of destiny.

Cowboys over Bucs. Well, the NFC South's hot other than the Bucs. Who could've predicted that Tonyboy would do better without TO, other than everyone who's paid any attention to Captain ME!'s career at all? Also, it's September. Just wait and see what happens in December.

Ravens over Chiefs. That part's not surprising. What was surprising was the high score in the game - 38 to 24? What the hell? What was up with the Ravens vaunted defense?

49ers over Cardinals. Did I mention recently how bad the NFC West is? Oy.

Giants over Skins. If you didn't watch the game, the score doesn't indicate how TOTALLY one-sided it was. The Skins looked awful. Jason Campbell couldn't get it together, the D (which has been their strong suit in the last few years) looked anemic, the team was totally undisciplined, and Zorn's playcalling was just bizarre. Clearly, the man knows his job is on the line, but clearly, that's already driving him to crazy choices. This could be a long season for Redskins fans.

Seahawks over Rams. Good luck, Spags, you have your work cut out for you. If you can turn this team around, you deserve the Nobel prize for football.

Packers over Bears. Jay Cutler looked as bad as Jake Delhomme, and Brian Urlacher's out for the season (just reported on MNF as I type this). Things are not looking good in Chi-town.

Right now, the Bills are up and Rocks Brady looks pretty unsettled. Not so easy to recover from a major injury, is it there, Rocks? TO's been a non-factor so far, but the Bills are looking like they might bring the upset.

No need to wait for the recap of Chargers/Raiders, because we ALL now how that's going to turn out.


Unknown said...

Looks like "Captain Me", as you so appropriately call him, is already starting to throw Trent Edwards under the bus. I predict a Bills dumpster fire by week 8.

On second thought, they might already be a dumpster fire.

Anonymous said...

Already? That didn't take long. Got a link for me?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hope that link comes through, if not, Googling will render several results. It's not a big deal yet, but it's a bad sign.