28 August 2009

Forever NOLA

And do something about it.

20 August 2009

Pre-season a-go-go

Man, I leave you kids alone for one minute and look what happens!

Brett Favre's a Viking.

Westy's injured (OK, that's not so surprising).

Jeremy Maclin finally signs, but probably so late that he'll waste a good chunk of his rookie year. Hope that extra coin was worth it, genius.

Plax's attorney finally convinces him to plead guilty and take his two years rather than gambling on, what? 5-10?

Ben Roethlisberger may have sexually assaulted a woman.

Every freakin' Eagle is injured. Well, OK, that's not STRICTLY true, but it sure seems that way watching the Keystone Kops joint that is Eagles/Colts. Oh jeez, AJ, do something. (Although given how little Big Red cares about pre-season games, I suspect winning them might actually b bad luck.)

Ocho Cinco's kicking extra points.

Donte Stallworth kills a guy and gets 30 days. Wait. What? He KILLED a guy, for chrissakes.

And that of course brings me to:


Raise your hand if you saw that one coming.

Chef Spouse and I heard the news during last week's Cardinals/Steelers pre-season opening game (also his birthday). We were both like "WTF? WTF!!!" Had to re-wind the TiVo. Like, 5 times. For about the first 12 hours, nothing but shock.

So I'm in the airport on my way to Toronto for a business trip the next day, and I call Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom during my layover to, OF COURSE, talk about the Vick signing.

My point? You saw it below - he served his time, he's out, the man needs to make a living, he should be allowed to play again.

LLEF Mom's point? Tony Dungy's vouching for him. That's saying something.

And both McNabb and Reid wanted him.

Hell, the Humane Society's even come around.

Lots of hue & cry about people giving up season tickets. You know what? Do it. I might stand a chance of scoring some in my lifetime.

So now that we have him, what do we plan to do with him? Personally, I'm guessing there's little plan to play him at QB unless McNabb goes down (knock wood) and Kolb's performance in the second half of the Ravens game last year turns out not to have been a fluke. I'm thinking they're planning Westbrook v. 2 - hybrid running back/receiver/decoy/flea-flicker target/wildcat offense.

So Eagles fans, what do you think? Good move? Bad move? Andy had a few too many cosmos one night and did something a little crazy?

15 August 2009

Reid/Vick/Dungy Press Conference

In case you missed it.

13 August 2009

Vick an EAGLE?!?

Michael Vick is, as of about 30 minutes ago, an Eagle (at least for the next two years.)

Response 1: WHA.....?

Response 2: Well, Kolb did get hurt in training camp.

Response 3: Clever plot to get a new Westy-style running back.

What say you, Eagles fans? I'm in shock personally.