31 July 2009

Should Michael Vick play?

OK, every single sports writer and blogger in the universe is writing about this, so here's my two cents:

The man committed a crime and seems like a fairly unpleasant individual. However, he was also tried, convicted, served his sentence, and has been released. Football is how he makes his living. And the crime doesn't have anything to do with his profession (e.g., you wouldn't want an accountant who'd been convicted of embezzlement working in his profession again). And the NFL lets far less savory characters play. Let him play.

That said, I'm sure glad there's no way the Eagles would want him, and I pity the team that takes him on, because they are going to take so much shit from so many people (including, likely, the fan base) that, frankly, it's probably not worth it. Unless they're the Raiders. In which case he'll fit right in.

30 July 2009

Plax says...

"Don't play with guns, kids!"

Shoutout to Chef Spouse for the link

29 July 2009

RIP Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson
May 26, 1941 - July 28, 2009
We will miss you

27 July 2009

Dear Jeremy Maclin

Could you please hurry up and SIGN already? We're having conniptions over here. Also, you're not helping yourself in the least, even if it is over mo' money.


22 July 2009

Old Quarterbacks Home

WaPo sports columnist Sally Jenkins wrote a piece today about how retirement's not actually that good for you and about how sports stars shouldn't retire before their time. She cites Lance Armstrong, golfer Tom Watson, and one of my favorite Targets of Ire, Brett Favre as her examples.

So here's the thing: there's a HUGE difference between being a 50 year old golfer and being a 50 year old quarterback. And you would think a sports writer would realize that.

Shoegal, who pointed out the article to me, had this to say as well: "What is it with this guy [Vicodin Boy] that inspires such blind loyalty? I think athletes should retire when we are b-o-r-e-d with them."

Amen to that, sister.

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20 July 2009

Got questions?

The Inquirer's Bob Ford has answers. Here's hoping he's at least right about DMac's durability.

15 July 2009

Getting Ready for Camp Don

2-a-days in 115 degree heat? YEOWCH!

But it looks like everyone's going this year....

(ignore the comments - they seem to all be from complete idiots)

14 July 2009

Is this the year?

OK, Eagles fans, I know we *always* ask: is this the year? Even during the early 70s. Even during the Marion Campbell years.

But this year, it's not just me asking. It's not just Chef Spouse asking. The Sporting News is asking:
With an Eagles team that is suddenly loaded at receiver, this could be McNabb's year both to win a title, and be named the most valuable player in the sport.
From your mouth to God's ears....

12 days until the rookies report....

07 July 2009

In case you were wondering...

TO is ALSO a tool.

How many current coaches and players do you think sent Joanna Krupa flowers the next day?

T-minus 19 days and counting until the rookies report to Lehigh....