17 April 2009

2009 Schedule Is Out!

Full listing on the Eagles' website.

A few observations/comments:

NFC South and AFC West this year, plus the Bears and the 49ers.

Opening away against Carolina should be exciting. And tough.

Early bye. Sucks.

Only one planned MNF game - October 26 at Fed Ex Field against the Skins. I'll have to see if I can get some tickets to that, yo!

Several planned SNF games - Bears and Cowboys in November and Giants in December. And we have four nationally televised games (home AND away against the Giants and at the Chargers and the Bears).

Tough road schedule - we're traveling to the West Coast twice (Chargers and Raiders) and play the Panthers, Falcons, and Bears on the road, too.

We play the Broncos at home in the second to last game of the regular season, so Wolverine will get to have at least one more game at the Linc. Likely to be a hard day for everyone, since I'm betting it will have playoff implications for one or both teams.

We get to end the season by whuppin' the Cowboys asses again, only this time it will be in Texas. As Chef Spouse observed, that's a long time to have to wait to see Tonyboy cry, but it will be worth it when we kill their playoff hopes. Again.

Remember this?

Good times, y'all!

So what do you think about our 2009 schedule, fellow Eagles fans?

16 April 2009

Madden Retires

OK, John Madden drives (drove?) me crazy as a commentator, but with him stepping down, who's going to be Al Michaels' sidekick?

Also, who else other than J.Mad. would rip a turducken to pieces with his bare hands on national TV?

It's the end of an era....