16 February 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Free agents! Get your free agents here!

Here's how it breaks down - and what I think we should do

Corell Buckhalter - keep, particularly if AR can remember that, at the end of the 2008 season, he tried this crazy new thing called a "running game." It may be just a fad, but I've got a good feeling about it....
Sean Considine - dump.
Brian Dawkins - keep, if he's not ready to retire and he's willing to do what he needs salary and playing time wise to start bringing up the younger guys. Dawk came on strong at the end of the season, but the fact remains that he has lost a step. But he's still the heart & soul of the defense. And I'd like to see him get a ring.
Joselio Hanson - keep. Bye, Lito.
Jon Runyan - Big Jon needs to retire. If he won't, I think we have to let him go.
Tra Thomas - I think Tra goes, too, assuming we can still make the O-line work without him.
LJ Smith - there's an anvil shaped like Brent Celek about to drop right on LJ. See ya!

Hank Baskett - keep. He's got great hands and a hot fiancee.
Nick Cole - well, if we start shedding experienced/old O Linemen left and right, someone has to stay around. And he did well late in the year. Keep.

Exclusive Rights
Tank Daniels - eh, don't have a strong feeling about Tank. Oh wait - I just looked it up. NFL regulations clearly state that all teams must have one player named "Tank." Guess he stays.

What do you all think? Who stays? Who goes?

No draft/free agency talk. Not yet, anyway.

For more, check out the Eagles' website.

Also, did you hear that Brett Favre retired? Again? But not until he cost Eric Mangini his job. Think it'll stick this time? Here's hoping....


Unknown said...

Left OT is a tough position to fill, but I agree that Tra should not stay.

And yes, our boy Favre FINALLY retired. Maybe. I think he's gone for good, but then again, I have this vision of some team with an injured QB ringing him up during the season and presto!...he's back.

Anonymous said...

RE: Favre - it's what I like to call Testaverde syndrome. With so many teams in need of a QB, I think he'll have a hard time staying gone.