04 February 2009


The New York Times has a Twitter map of the chronology of the Super Bowl.

Check it out.


Unknown said...

Hey E, I've decided to start a separate football-only blog (following in your hallowed footsteps). It'll be located at http://rocketmanfootball.blogspot.com. (Not sure if you have to throw the www in there or not).

At your convenience, please change the link address from your blog to mine accordingly. And thanks again for linking me and for writing such a seriously entertaining blog. Your first season at this location was a smashing success.

Anonymous said...

very cool. I especially liked the instances of budweiser in Colorado in the first half.

Anonymous said...

@rocketman - just added it to the blogroll

@shoegal - which is weird - isn't everyone in Colorado required to drink Coors?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see there's some independent thinkers out there. Altho if it was Yeungling, that would be truly noteworthy.

Unknown said...

Thanks E!