01 January 2009

2008 Wildcard Weekend Schedule

For my local peeps:

Saturday, we will be watching Falcons/Cards at 4:30 pm, and everyone's welcome, but we're not planning anything much in the way of food because we have a party to attend that evening. So, yes, we will be recording Colts/Chargers to watch Sunday morning before the Sunday games. Anyone revealing the outcome before we watch it will be shot! (Not really, but I will be supremely pissed off at you.)

Sunday, we'll start the day around 10 am with viewing the recorded Colts/Chargers game from Saturday, then we'll have Ravens/Dolphins on at 1 and our game with the Vikings at 4:30. Then we collapse from all the excitement (and hopefully from joy at our win over the Vikings).

Food is still TBD. Requests?

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Anonymous said...

it's been awhile since we had tomoato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.