05 January 2009

2008 Wildcard Weekend Recap

Eagles at Vikings, Sunday, January 4, 2008

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Shoegal, and me

Menu: Chef Spouse made Shoegal's requested grilled cheese and cream of tomato soup. And the fabulous homemade guacamole of course.

Stud of the Week: You know it HAS to be Jason Avant. Plenty of guys came up big when we needed them - Asante, the entire D, special teams, Peanut, BWest, Akers, Sav, Big5, AR - but Jason hauled in tough catches for 3 critical first downs on 3rd and long in the second half. Good job, Jason!

What an exciting game! Thrills, chills, spills, like 7 lead changes, injured stars, over 700 yards of offense, a spark plug of a running back who had a breakout night...

Why, yes, I am talking about the Colts/Chargers game. BWest had a great night, too, but I think a star is born in Darren Sproles. And I think LT is a free agent this spring. Hm - aging star who's past his prime and will want way too much money? I'm guessing he's coming to DC next.

Our guys? Grind it out win. Not pretty, not sexy, not a shoot out, not an OT thrilla. But a big win. And, as Berman pointed out on SportsCenter this morning, we're playing with house money. And AR's never been 1-and-done in the playoffs. And McNabb's never lost his opening playoff game. I'm sorry, but that's just crazy.

HUGE props to AR for sticking with the run until Westy broke a big one. HUGE props to Asante for coming up with a big play right when we needed it. HUGE props to DMac for staying calm in the pocket even when things weren't going our way. HUGE props to our D for virtually shutting down Adrian Peterson. HUGE props to David Akers for hitting a clutch 51 yard field goal. HUGE props to Sav Rocca for some excellent punting in a game where field position was critical. HUGE props to this week's stud, Jason Avant, for some clutch catches. And how many tackles did Trent Cole have? 14? 38? 127? Our guys stuck together, they played together, and they came to W-I-N.

And of course the downside of a run-heavy team is that, if you get behind late in the game, it's really hard to throw your way out of it. Which is exactly what fell apart for the Vikings after BWest turned a little nothing screen pass into a 71 yard TD run. You know, 'cause that's how he rolls. Loved the block Peanut threw for him, too. "I can't push you out of the way, but I can make you have to push me out of the way to get to Westy!" Also? TJack? You're the QB. Just GET OUTTA THE WAY, homes.

Good breakdowns from Inside the Iggles and goeagles99. And as the Inquirer points out, what was up with the zebras? Finally, if you're having trouble keeping up with the playoff beards, Philly.com can help you out. Personally, I voted forAR for best facial hair, but Jeff Lurie's looking pretty good, too.

So I finished 2-2 for the weekend, but at least I got the important game right.

Cardinals over Falcons. Hm. Rookie of the year and coach of the year go down to the wily (and yummy) veteran at home. The only way the Cards get to stay at home is if they beat the Panthers in Carolina this weekend and then face us for the NFC Championship. Not gonna happen. Oh, we might get to the conference championship, but there is NO WAY the Cards go to Carolina and beat the 8-0 at home this season Panthers. And am I only only one who's noticed that Larry Fitzgerald looks like a jazz musician? Not that that's a bad thing. Just kinda unusual.

Chargers over Colts. Damn! Sproles is a lightning bolt for that team. What happened to Peyton and the Colts? MVP goes down. Also, Mike Scifres is a punting genius. Why he is not in the Pro Bowl is a mystery to me. Next year? Maybe no Tony Dungy. That's not a good sign.

Ravens over Dolphins. Sweet Jesus, I do not want to see the Ravens again in the playoffs. Ed Reed gives me nightmares and I'm not even a football player! Also, NO votes for Harbaugh for coach of the year? NONE? Whatevs....


Unknown said...

Harbaugh should have gotten at least one vote. The Andy Reid coaching tree is starting to grow some nice branches (Childress, Harbaugh).

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Gruden and Spagnolo.