16 January 2009

2008 Conference Championship Picks

I'm calling it now - TURNPIKE BOWL!

Eagles/Cardinals - E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

Steelers/Ravens - Steelers

Let two weeks of smack talk begin, Steely McMeow and Steelers Transplant!


Unknown said...

Turnpike Bowl...Ed Rendell Bowl...Cheese Steak/Iron Beer Bowl...whatever the case, if it happens, it should be interesting.

And if it happens, there will be no governor's bet - unless our chubby governor wants to bet himself that he'll lose some weight.

Anonymous said...

I like Ed chubby!

But we remember - and he does, too - that he was Mayor of Philly first...

And on another note, THE BUCS FIRED JON GRUDEN?!? I did NOT see that coming.