08 December 2008

Week 14 Recap

Eagles at Giants, Sunday, December 7, 2008

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Ex-Navy Cheesehead, Shoegal, Steelers Transplant - the whole gang

Menu: chili, yummy cranberry goat cheese (thanks Shoegal), wine & bourbon (S.T.), and a fab homemade chocolate bourbon pecan pie (ExNCH). YUM!

Stud of the Week: It's a first for StN! BWest reigns two weeks in a row. I was thinking about nominating David Akers who, although he did have the bad luck of having two field goals blocked putting him at 2/4 for the game, make his first 50+ yarder of the season INTO the wind at the Meadowlands. But Westy broke Harold Carmichael's long-standing Eagles yards from scrimmage record, and in only 7 seasons, so sorry, David, BWest wins it again. Trent Cole also gets a nod for the awesomesauce that was the leap frog field goal block.

Hmmm - you know, I feel like I've seen this team before somewhere. Oh yeah, that's right - it was earlier this season before we entered the Slough of Suckitude that was November. Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom has pointed out that when McNabb goes down, it's always in November. He didn't get injured this year, but he sure played like something was wrong with him. If it was the worries about the wife and the impending twins, so be it and family's more important than football and whatnot.

It wasn't a flashy game - aside from Trent Cole's flying leap and Dawk leveling a few guys like was 10 years ago - but we got it done. The Giants couldn't run. We could. Eli didn't spend much time on his ass, but he didn't have time to sit back and pick out his receivers, either. Our O line and D line did their jobs. So did McNabb, taking care of the ball, taking what plays the Giants D gave him, and making it happen on his own a few times. The final score, as everyone has pointed out, doesn't really reflect the way we dominated the entire game.

The thing is, we generally play well in December. Take that, all those who say that we aren't a clutch team. But there may not be enough time. I don't know that 10-6 (or even 10-5-1) is going to be enough to get into the playoffs in the NFC this year. OK, if we were in the West or North, we would cruise to win the division with 10-5-1. But in East and South, it's not looking good. We're finally playing like we're back in it, but we're going to need a lot of help to see the post-season. Like at least two of the Panthers, Falcons, and Cowboys to lose it. And we need to win out. I can virtually guarantee that the Cowboys will lose it - that's how Tonyby and Captain ME! roll in December - but those other three? Who knows. Man, the NFC is tough this year. The AFC has eight teams under .500. NFC? Five, and none in the East or South.

So I'm savoring the win today, but I'm not sure what it means in the larger sense. Well, OK, it means that Antonio Pierce got SCHOOLED by West36. It means that all the losers who were giving McNabb shit all season (OK, for the past decade) have been proved wrong. Again. It means that, and I'll say it for the 9 millionth time, the Giants are NOT all that. It means that Plax's idiocy is hurting his team, whether they'll admit it or not. And it means that, like usual, I'm biting my nails through December hoping for the playoffs. More stressful, but also more fun, than sitting around watching us shuffle through a meaningless month, like some teams (Lions, NFC West) have been doing oh, since about Labor Day weekend.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Chargers over Raiders. Whatever. Did I watch the game? Hells no - I'd rather watch reruns. On QVC.

Bears over Jaguars. Yeah, in retrospect, that was one dumb-ass pick for AFC South.

Vikings over Lions. Once again, the Lions lead for 3 quarters and it DOESN'T EVEN MATTER. What is WRONG with them? Poor Tim Tebow....

Texans over Packers. Huh. I don't follow the Packers that closely, so I'm curious. Did Aaron Rodgers' arms fall off? Did someone lock Al Harris in a closet? Did the Packers get confused about what time the game started? The Texans turned over the ball about a bazillion times. How did the Packers not win? Guess the Texans are glad to have Matt Schaub back.

Saints over Falcons. Thanks y'all! If we can win out, you can't catch us, and taking a game from the Falcons sure helps.

Colts over Bengals. The Bengals are so bad, they're almost the Lions. Almost, but not quite. Which means they'll lose the Tebow Bowl. Man, aside from that tie against us, they cannot catch a break with a net and one of the those fancy live traps.

Dolphins over Bills. How crazy would it be if the Dolphins won the AFC East this year? If they do, Wayne Huizenga owes Bill Parcells something nice. Like his own tropical island. And a yacht to get there.

Patriots over Seahawks. The wild part is that the Seahawks almost upset the Pats. With Seneca Wallace at QB. Who maybe needs to be taking the snaps most of the time.

Broncos over Chiefs. The Chiefs led for the entire first half and still lost. There are so many teams that are literally not even competitive this year. Hell, the Chiefs wouldn't be competitive with most high school teams. Yes, I know they gave the division leading Broncos a run for their money. The Broncos aren't that good, either. They're leading the division by default.

(I just realized I missed making a pick for the Titans/Browns game last week. Or possibly my subconscious realized it was a waste of time and prevented me from writing: Titans. So, you know, Titans.)

49ers over Jets. Remember how, when the Jets beat the Titans three weeks ago, the sportscasting world was all up on their bandwagon? Yeah, they're not even waiting for the Jets bandwagon to slow down for an intersection before jumping off. On the up side, Mike Singletary might get another season. Which would be fun, not least of which because he makes C-R-A-Z-Y faces on the sideline. After 10 years of Mr. Deadpan Reid, I enjoy the variety of facial expressions.

Cardinals over Rams. Congrats on your first dvisional title in like 30 years. Can we say "going down in their first playoff game"? I think we can!

Steelers over Cowboys. Cue the violins! The annual Tony Romo sob-fest is about to begin! Oh yeah, he's a GREAT QB - as long as you play in a division whose season ends in November. Oh wait, that's right. EVERYONE'S season runs through December. See you in 3 weeks, punk. Where we may or may not get into the playoffs, but you definitely won't. I can haz three losses in a row, pls? With the Boys entering their annual meltdown and the Giants, Ravens, and rollin' Eagles on tap, you know it!

Ravens over Redskins. I have a lot of Skins fan friends. Guys: calm down. Rookie head coach, entire offense learning a new system. Sometimes you get Sean Peyton, sometimes you get Cam Cameron. It's too early to tell which mold the Zornmeister was cast from, but give the guy a little time. Oh wait! Your owner has the patience of the average two year old. Yeah, good luck.

All right, time to enjoy the Panthers/Bucs slugfest.


Unknown said...

The Jags claimed that it was Peter King's pick (Jags win SB 43) that caused their meltdown...but maybe it was YOUR pick that did them in! :)

And as far as missing the Browns/Titans pick - there's so many bad teams, as you allude to (Lions, Chiefs, Browns, Rams) that picking their games doesn't even matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think it was me. Evidence?

My picks for this year.

To recap:

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Browns
AFC South: Jaguars
AFC West: Chargers

probably looking at 0-4

NFC East: Eagles
NFC North: Vikings
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: Seahawks

probably looking at 1-3

It's me.