31 December 2008


You probably already know this, but Tony Romo collapsed in the shower at Linc post-game. You know, because he wanted his on-field collapse to be a matched pair.

TO thinks we want him back, which raises the question: is he COMPLETELY mental?

Congratulations to BDawk, NFL Defensive Player of the Month for December, and Chris Clemons, NFL Defensive Player of the Week for Week 17.

Congratulations also go to Matt Ryan for his totally deserved Rookie of the Year win.

Check out rocketman's End of Season Awards. I think history bears out the truth of his Worst In-Season Turnaround and Biggest Disappointment picks, since three of the six head coaches have already been fired, and I wouldn't put money on Jerry Jones not changing his mind about Wade Phillips now that Shanahan's available.

And finally, Tommy breaks down the awesomesauce that is our D right now.


Unknown said...

Hey E, Thanks for the shout out!

I really didn't think the Broncos would fire the "Mastermind"; but since the "Mangenius" got canned, I guess it's appropriate.

One guy I'd like to see retained is Tom Cable at Oakland, but as long as Al Davis still breathes, I don't know if anyone can coach that team successfully.

Anonymous said...

Al Davis could decide to hire Big Bird as head coach and it wouldn't surprise me.