10 December 2008

Sunday Schedule: December 14, 2008

For my local peeps:

We're on MNF against the Browns, but we'll be watching the games Sunday too, and hoping for Cowboys and Falcons losses:

1 pm - I know the Skins are playing, but I'm probably watching Buccaneers/Falcons, because I think it will have more impact on us.
4 pm - Broncos/Panthers. Steelers/Ravens will probably be a better again, but again, it's crunch time for our playoff hopes.
8 pm - Giants/Cowboys. BIG game. Go Giants!

Menu: etouffee, mes amis! Amener quelque chose pour aller avec ("bring something to go with" in French).


Unknown said...

Why do I have a feeling that the Eagles are going to lay a bit of an egg on MNF? I don't think they'll lose; but I wonder if they'll take the Browns lightly - although I doubt Ken Dorsey could beat them even if the defense didn't show up at all.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's always a concern, but I feel like the team has their game faces on now.

Also, I'll bet Vinny Testaverde's really regretting that decision to retire about now.

Rick said...

I'm just glad there are a few good games on to take my mind off of having to wait until Monday night to watch the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

@Rick - oh HELLS yeah - and there are starting to be some serious playoff implications, too

Anonymous said...

I'll be over after 3rd tat session seeking bourbon. 4:30/5:00-ish.