30 December 2008

So how'd I do?

As usual, not so good.

AFC East

I called: Patriots
Actual winner: Dolphins

NOW the Dolphins win the division!

AFC North

I called: Browns
Actual winner: Steelers

Not only did the Browns not win the division OR make the playoffs, Romeo Crennel just got fired.

AFC South

I called: Jaguars
Actual winner: Titans

Which, given me and the Dolphins, means the Jags should be good to go in, like, two seasons.

AFC West

I called: Chargers
Actual winner: Chargers!

Hey, I got one right. I got one right as of 11:30 pm on the final Sunday of the season.

1-3. That's not bad for me for the AFC. And I did call Colts & Steelers as the wildcard teams - or to win their divisions and the Jags & Browns would be wildcard.

NFC East

I called: Eagles
Actual winner: Giants

But we're in the playoffs, and I would've given us a snowball's chance in hell after the Ravens game. But I quote myself: "The only team I don't think we have to worry about at all is the Skins (see above), but I still think we can take the Giants, because it's really hard to repeat and I think last year's playoff run took a lot out of the team, and the Cowboys, because Tonyboy is arrogant and mentally weak, and the rest of the team takes its cues from him."

And that's all basically still true.

I did buy the Cowboys hype enough to call them for a wildcard spot. Silly Snarkin, being taken in like that!

NFC North

I called: Vikings
Actual winner: Vikings!

Go me!

NFC South

I called: Saints
Actual winner: Panthers

But I did think that the Panthers were the other team to watch, although I picked 'em for wildcard. Turns out I was wrong - both the Panthers AND the Falcons were teams to watch.

NFC West

I called: Seahawks
Actual winner: Cardinals

Whatever. The whole division's terrible.

Again 1-3.

So I was 2-6, leaving aside the wildcards (which didn't really help me that much). I think that's a new low. And would get me fired - if anyone was paying me for this - unless I was Wade Phillips.


Unknown said...

Hi Wade! Hey, who'd have thunk the Dolphins would win the East? And the Jags looked great at the end of last season; I expected them to do well also. Which was part of their problem. They're as mentally weak as our boy Romo.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to write the beheadings post later today.

In the meantime, can I just say: MIKE SHANAHAN got FIRED?!?!?